Vintage & Rare Guitars At Sound Affects

We're always carry an exceptional range of brands to get any tone fiend's pulse racing.

However there exists a level of distinction even above the likes of a PRS Custom 24. For those who only GAS after AAAA tops, mother of pearl inlays or have the numbers '57, '62 and 4003 tattooed on their forearms.

Here's Tim's Private Collection, a hand picked selection of guitars that represents the very finest of what he have (or have had) available at Sound Affects.

Dealing closely with the likes of PRS, Rickenbacker, Fender, Patrick James Eggle and numerous other boutique manufacturers. We get many of their limited run models and signature editions.

We're also proud of our reputation as a used guitar dealer, offering great deals on part exchange and commission sales. A great option whether you're looking to upgrade or thin the herd. Further we get some absolute gems from customers, vintage and unique used guitars.

Private Collection Stock
PRS Dragons

PRS Dragons

There's few greater examples of the luthier's art than the PRS Dragon. We've been lucky enough to have a few of these beauties pass through our doors, with Guitarist magazine coming by to photograph several of them for this article.

Paul Reed Smith the first Dragon way back in 1979 but it took craftsmen of equal esteem and a few technological advances for his vision to be be fully realised. Collaborating with Pearl Works for the inlays, using CNC machines and working from designs courtesy of original 80's Dungeons And Dragons illustrators.

Looking To Sell

If you're looking to sell a nice bit of kit and the hassle of fees, shipping costs and handling enquiries doesn't appeal then give us a shout. We've got years of experience, an established online presence and regularly deal in high end guitar gear for our customers.

  • Less hassle than a private sale. 
  • We answer all potential buyers questions.
  • Buyers can pay by Credit / Debit Card and take advantage of our Flexible Finance Options.
  • Our photographers will take detailed pictures of your guitar to really show it off!
  • Your guitar is advertised on our specialist Premier Website with worldwide reach. 
  • Buyers can come and evaluate your guitar in our relaxed Showroom - we do the selling for you! No hassle of arranging to meet buyers at your home. 
  • We handle the packing & dispatch of your guitar - fully tracked and insured. 
  • With our favourable courier rates we can dispatch your guitar worldwide for very appealing prices. 


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