As a guitar player, there aren't many things better than having your instrument receive a professional setup. Perfect string height and intonation, fresh strings, crackle-free electronics, smooth polished frets and many other factors can all make your guitar feel like new.

At Sound Affects, we offer a a range of repair services for guitars, basses and other string instruments, all of which are carried out in-store by our own technicians to a very high standard.

So if your guitar is beginning to feel tired, worn down and more difficult to play than it did when you received it, get in touch with us - A professional set up can get your guitar back to the condition you know and love.

  • We will provide you with an exact quote for the work once we have seen the instrument and before any work commences.
  • The prices below should be used a guide only. •
  • There is a £20 minimum charge for guitar repairs.
  • No work will be done on the instrument without details of the job and cost being agreed with you in advance.
  • If the work you require is not listed please contact us for an personal quotation.
  • This will be based on our hourly rate of £35 per hour plus the cost of any materials required.
  • All work to be paid for on completion of the job.
  • All guitars must be brought to us in a hard case or gig bag.
  • Here are some examples of our typical charges:


  • Full Re-String with fretboard conditioning: £20 plus cost of strings.


  • All set-ups include optimal action adjustment, fretboard conditioning, fret polish, re-stringing and a general clean.
  • Acoustic Guitar: £40, plus cost of strings.
  • Electric Guitar: £50, plus cost of strings.
  • Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose, or other Floating bridge setup: £60, plus cost of strings.
  • Bass Guitar Setup: £50, plus cost of strings.
  • Classical Guitar: £50  plus cost of strings.

Basic Repair Services

  • Electric Guitar Jack Socket Replacement: £20.
  • Acoustic Guitar Jack Socket Replacement: £25 (guide)
  • Guitars With Pickguard Single Pot Replacement: £35, plus cost of parts.
  • Guitars Without Pickguard Pot Replacement: £25, plus cost of parts.
  • Toggle Switch Replacement: £20, plus cost of parts.

Hardware & Installation

  • Strap Button: £20
  • Replace Machine Heads: £50 plus parts and strings
  • Full Fret Dress: £100.
  • Nut Replacement: £20, plus cost of parts.
  • Acoustic Saddle Replacement: £20, plus setup charge plus strings.

Pickup Installations (like for like)

  • Single Pickup Installation: £20, plus parts.
  • Double Pickup Installation: £35, plus parts.
  • Full Pickup Set: £50, plus Parts.

Note: Pickup Installations are guide figures due to wiring combinations varying in complexity, and are subject to a full quote. New strings may also be required and potentially a setup.

NOTE: We will install our own Cream T Pickups free of charge - on a like for like basis.

Specialist Repairs

Our technician has the capacity to execute specialist repairs, subject to inspection. If your instrument has a particular issue, please contact us to discuss in depth. Specialist repairs may include:

  • Bridge Replacement
  • Headstock Repair
  • Restoration
  • Custom Electronics and Routing
  • Re-Fretting

NOTE: Guitars must be picked up within 4 weeks of notification that your work has been completed. There will be a storage charge of £5/week thereafter and the guitar will be disposed of if not collected within 6 months of the work being completed.

Please make contact for a quote. We'll only start work on your instrument once you're happy with the price agreed.