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Evidence Audio have been building superior cables in the USA for 15 years. Tony Farinella has a background in hi-fi and is known as a tone guru when it comes to cables. He builds every EA by hand and is committed to making music sound better. Evidence Audio is relied on by Musicians, producers and studio engineers all over the globe.

They are used by John Mayer, Jeff Beck, Dave Gilmour & Guthrie Govan.

All cables have the potential to add noise and degrade your tone. Less so with Evidence Audio cables - much less so. The improvement an Evidence Audio cable can make to your tone can be compared to upgrading speakers in your amp or changing pickups in your guitar. This is not an “expensive cable” - it is a major tonal improvement to your set-up, and works with ALL your guitars and ALL your amps and ALL your studio gear. Hear what happens when you replace cables that rob the clarity and richness from your sound. Hear ALL your notes even as they make up a complex chord.