Chase Bliss Audio Blooper Bottomless Looper Effects Pedal

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Item out of Stock   |   Usually dispatched within 24 hours
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  • Two-channels of recordable loop modifiers
  • LED Feedback
  • Three versatile modes of looping
  • MIDI /CV sync control
  • 8 layers of undo/redo
  • 6 modifiers when warping audio

Three unique modes

When purchasing the Blooper you will presented with three modes: Normal, additive and sampler.

When you select normal mode this enables the unit to behave like a standard looper. Any processing that you apply is post-blooper, it will not be directly applied to your signal. Thanks to this feature you'll be able to create your perfect blend of signals, setting up sounds just the way you like. This will allow you to perform with total confidence, knowing your loops are free from the risk of destructive audio.

Additive takes you back to the initial stages of recording. If you're not afraid to commit to a sounds in order to chase a sonic vision then this is the mode for you. Any modifier you use in additive mode becomes an extension of the instrument you’re recording. If you can hear it, Blooper’s recording mechanism will too!

Sampler offers you its own unique workflow. The core focus of this mode is to record and manually trigger samples. It will also excel for you, the versatile, multi-talented virtuoso whose performances include stutter or fast, performative, looping. The Blooper leaves the factory, set to loop mode by default in Sampler. This instantly enables you to smoothly move between modes, uninterrupted.

Unparalleled modification

Blooper offers you two channels of modifiers, which can easily be accessed at the bottom of the pedal.The effect of the modifiers is dependant on the way you select the button. Your touch determines whether the effect is momentary or pro-longed.Each channel has a toggle switch, enabling you to switch between possible modifiers.

Smooth Speed allows you to adjust the playback speed of your loop. This provides you with the natural, reminiscent feel of adjusting a tape machine. Go up to double speed or slow down to a full stop. By turning the switch counter-clockwise you’ll be able to engage reverse playback.

Dropper allows you to create non-linear granular crumbling. Using this effect will introduce mini dropouts into your signal flow. These will differentiate between smooth and subtle to abrupt and deep. Allowing you to perfectly emulate the “found sound” of Bon Iver’s “22, a Million”, from the comfort of one pedal.

Trimmer enables you to adjust the length of your loop. Turning counter-clockwise will bring the end towards the beginning whilst clockwise will pull the beginning towards the end.

Stepped speed is designed to keep everything musical and harmonious . Designed to operate like smooth speed, stepped offers a wider range with quantised intervals. This allows you to jump between precise tempos that are tuned to stay in key with total ease.

Scrambler rearranges your loop, turning it into a pattern. Counter-clockwise turning will create a random pattern whilst clockwise creates a sequence that repeats.

Filter is Bloopers most practical effect. This is a simple, non-resonant tool for sculpting your sound. Clockwise introduces a high pass filter, perfect for removing low frequencies. Counter-clockwise introduces a low pass filter, designed to roll off the top end, providing a warmer, vintage tone.

Tailored to your wants and needs

The Blooper dip switches can be split into two categories: Ramping / Expression and Customisation.

Ramping dip switches allows you to activate and customise built in modulation or external controls. This can then be applied to multiple knobs.

Sweep sets the range of modulation whilst polarity determines where the movement commences. The use of wiggle allows you to limit the range of modulation, adjusting in accordance to your needs. Random is excellent in turning spontaneity into precision. The inclusion of a sync dip switch enables you to set the speed of modulation in accordance to the loop length, providing you with consistency.

Customisation is designed to tailor for your every want and need, tailoring the unit specifically to you. Dry Kill offers 100 wet signal, an excellent feature for you when creating pads and soundscapes. The play / dub feature is also an extremely useful for ambient music, allowing trails to be captured smoothly into the loop.

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