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An Introduction to Orange

When it comes to classic rock amps, the big three brands spring to mind; Marshall, Fender, Vox. But should this big three become a four…? Founded in 1968 by Clifford Cooper, they did miss out on a very innovative era for amplifiers, with the three stalwarts making giant leaps forward – the influence of which continues to ripple out to this day. However, Orange’s rise to power was quick and deserved. Initially opening a shop focused on second-hand equipment, then excelling in PA systems which were used by the BBC,... Read More


How to sound like John Mayer on a budget

In this blog we are going to look at an artist who often divides people’s opinions when it comes to musical taste, but someone who nobody can deny is a modern day guitar hero, and a gifted player. John Mayer is one of the most successful musicians of the last 20 years, and is well known for albums such as Continuum, Battle Studies and latest release, The Search For Everything. As well as his talent for songwriting, Mayer’s guitar playing has earned him the respect of legends like Eric Clapton,... Read More


RAT RACE: Ten Guitarists who love the ProCo RAT!

The RAT was developed in the basement of the ProCo factory in Michigan, USA in 1978. “Yes, there were literally rats down there” says creator Scott Burnham. He stumbled upon the unique sound when he attached the wrong resistor to an in-progress distortion machine. From there, during the 1980s, the RAT took over the guitar world with its screeching distortion sounds. Here is a list of our Top Ten Guitarists who used the famous RAT pedal. Dave Grohl When Grohl swapped his sticks for picks and started Foo Fighters, he... Read More


4 Reasons the BOSS GT-1000 is Awesome!

The GT-1000 landed earlier this year and has been a key talking point amongst guitarists. After decades of advanced research Boss finally decided to throw all of their eggs in one basket and create the ultimate flagship multi-effects processor. The internet is alive with demo videos, reviews and in-depth tutorials to keep us occupied for hours. This blog intends to keep it simple by listing 4 reasons the Boss GT-1000 is simply awesome!               1 – FREE CONTENT One thing’s for sure, you will not get bored of the... Read More


What’s new with the Fender Player Series Guitars?

Fender have revamped their Mexi range of guitars and introduced the Player Series! Mexican made Fenders are undeniably great value for money and have been a staple of the Fender catalogue for years. Just when we thought they could not get any better Fender have revamped, renamed and re-marketed these guitars to charge our GAS and make us want more guitars! The question is… What is new with the Player Series? Here are the new standout features: Satin Finished Necks: For those who have used satin necks, you know how comfortable they... Read More


A look at our PRS DGT Wood Library Exclusive Run

  Wood Library 10-Tops These guitars have highly figured 10-Tops from the PRS wood library, which hosts some of the finest timber at their Maryland factory – wide flames and quilts with deep contrasting figuring, from the horns to the base of the guitar. Matching Necks this run of guitars also has beautifully figured curly maple necks that pair beautifully with the top. necks like this add a sense of luxury to the guitar, a special something-something for you, the player to enjoy. Plus, the necks match the colour of... Read More


Darkglass Electronics – Now in Stock at Sound Affects!

It’s been a long time coming for the bass players of the world, too long have guitar effects pedals ruled the roost and grown in popularity to the detriment of the low end thunder. No longer! Darkglass Electronics appeared seemingly from nowhere in 2009, founded by Doug Castro on a mission to see the instrument he loved to play get some real, high quality effects pedals dedicated purely to the bass guitar. The history of Darkglass Electronics is an interesting one. Doug Castro (the CEO and Founder of Darkglass Electronics)... Read More


Ortega Guitars Release QuantumLoop Percussion Stomp Box

The QuantumLoop Multi Digital Percussion Stomp Box is the latest tool in the arsenal of the modern musician. A digital stomp box with built in looper, allowing you to create and store drum beats in real time to accompany your performance. Stomp boxes have been used in genres such as American folk and blues for years to recreate the sound of a bass drum and this is now accessible to the modern singer-songwriter. Loaded with 20 different samples and the ability to store four custom samples via USB (two per... Read More

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Now Stocking – Bare Knuckle Bootcamp Pickups!

  The Bare Knuckle Boot Camp pickups are a new series of pickups from the company for 2018 that we first heard about at the beginning of the year. The premise is this – no-frills, off-the-shelf, hand wound quality pickups in three output ranges. The Boot Camp pickups are available as humbuckers, S-Type single coils, T-Type single coils and P90 soap bars, so there is something for every player. Old Guard These pickups feature Alnico II magnets and are suitable for classic blues, rock, country, pop and alternative tones. Old... Read More

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Our New CKK Pedals – A Quick Rundown

In May, we welcomed CKK pedals to the shelves of our pedal room – so we thought we would have a bit of a run through of some of the models we have in store. Click on the image of each pedal if you feel inspired enough to add it to your collection! CKK make fantastic pedals that may be the ideal JHS alternatives for those who can’t quite stretch to those prices. CKK Electronics Infinite Reverb -£109.00 Soundscapers, Post Rockers, and Prog Metallers rejoice – the Infinite reverb is... Read More