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PRS announce new SE Kingfisher & Kestrel Bass Guitars

Bassists around the world will be jumping for joy as PRS add Kingfisher and Kestrel Bass Guitars to their popular and affordable SE range. Designed in the PRS Maryland shop these guitars are the result of exceptional craftsmanship and  feature neck through construction for sustain and evenly balanced tone. What PRS have to say: SE Kingfisher The SE Kingfisher takes a traditional singlecoil bass platform and adds PRS’s fit, finish, and attention to detail, delivering a new take on a classic instrument. No matter the style or decade, the Kingfisher can... Read More


Sound Affects Ltd Edition PRS ‘Sam’s Blueberry Pie’ Guitars

On a visit to the PRS Factory in late 2013, Sound Affects Owner Tim picked out some very special woods for a Limited Run of guitars just for us. We have ordered two 408 Models with Flame Maple Necks called “Sam’s Blueberry Pie” and two Custom 24 Models with solid Rosewood Necks called “Sam’s Burnt Blueberry Pie” – as you may have guessed they are all finished in the Private Stock colour Blueberry. There are various shades of this colour, but ours are going to be very blue. These Guitars... Read More


PRS Announce Limited Run Of Custom 24 Holllowbodies

PRS have just announced a very small run of Custom 24 Hollowbody guitars. This is a first for PRS and with less than 200 being made for the whole of the world, they are guaranteed to be popular. The body is chambered giving it added midrange and resonance whilst losing none of the instruments original character. Here at Sound Affects Premier we have managed to bag one of the 12 guitars allocated to the UK in stunning faded whale blue. Due to arrive week commencing 23rd June 2014. Here are... Read More


Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Review

Boss have been making effects pedals for over thirty years and if any company out there knows a great pedal when they make one, it’s these guys. There are so many classic pedals to come out the Boss stable such as the iconic DS-1 distortion, the pedal that literally spawned hundreds of clone’s and this classic design has stood the test of time, then you have other great’s such as the CE-1 Chorus, the MT-2 Metal Zone and the most used delay pedal ever made, the DD-2 which spawned more... Read More


Empress Tape Delay Review

Tape delay’s are a very particular flavour and as a result of this guitar effect aficionados are very passionate about them. The original Echoplex and the Echosonic unit’s utilised tape to give the repeat by recording a signal to a tape and then the tape was played at a desired variable speed, this was then fed through a feedback loop to give the amount of repeats. This effect was popular in the ’50’s as to be honest, that was it, there was no digital delay then so everything with delay... Read More


JHS Moonshine Overdrive

Overdrive pedals, the biggest sonic genre for guitar pedals, there are more overdrive pedals than probably anything else and yet each and every one manages to sound slightly different to the rest of the pack. Choosing an overdrive can sometimes be difficult just because of the amount of choice, so it’s wise for a player to choose a pedal based on musical genre. Once you start to narrow the field down you will realise that you are probably after a specific players guitar tone, legends such as Eric Clapton, Steve... Read More


TC Electronic Flashback Mini Review

TC Electronic are a company that have always been keen to push the envelope and despite being one of the biggest guitar effects builders in the world they still maintain their enthusiasm ti make exciting and practical products. Way back during the 1980’s TC Electronic released the now legendary 2290. This unit which featured a massive 1Mhz sample-rate was, and still is, considered the greatest digital delay unit ever made, the 2290 was discontinued in the 1990’s due to increasing manufacturing costs as well as some components becoming increasingly difficult... Read More


Janglebox Compressor/Sustainer Review

Janglebox is a new name to some people but if you look into the company’s history the design of these pedals has a lot of history going on in them given the way the Jangleboxes became a popular choice of Rickenbacker players. Back in the ‘60’s Roger McGinn from the Byrds and John Lennon (should need no introduction) were championing Rickenbacker and although the company was one of the founding fathers of what became the modern electric guitar it took until The Beatles, The Byrds and a small handful of... Read More


Vacancy – Apprentice Retail Assistant – Fully Training Given – 16-18 Year Olds

Here at Sound Affects we are looking for our very own Apprentice. This is opportunity will give the successful candidate/s the opportunity to work within our business on a one year apprenticeship scheme with a view to a full time role at the end of that period. It is open to 16-18 year olds and in addition to a 30 hour working week within our business you will work towards a fully funded BETEC Level 2 & 3 as well as a certificate in “Retail Knowledge & Skills Within The... Read More