Top 10 Reverb Pedals On The Market

In Honour of one of the first effects pedals to ever be released and now used by almost every musician in the world, we have decided to create a blog post all about reverb effects pedals out in the big wide world of music – here are our favourite ten reverb pedals here at Sound Affects!

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Origin Effects Coming Soon to Sound Affects Premier

When you think of a boutique brand of pedals with an artist roster the size of the famed library of Alexandria, you couldn’t NOT think of anyone other than Origin Effects. The pedal brand started in Oxford, Central Southern England in the United Kingdom. Origin Effects was created by Audio-Designer Simon Keats, who wanted to put his skills and experience to the test and create a brand that can serve the gigging musician. Originally (no pun intended) they worked out of a small barn conversion. This was their home base... Read More

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Groundbreaking acoustic guitar re-design from Taylor. Brace yourselves…

The Traditional X-bracing has forever been part of the internal structure of an Acoustic guitar. there have been subtle changes in the design over the last 2 centuries, incorporating fanned bracing (See PRS’ New SE range), as well as forward-shifted bracing, (Martins Updated, Re-designed standard series) all with the goal of improving the tonal response, sustain and stability of the Acoustic guitar. Though subtly changed, we have never truly seen a radical shift in design – and why would we change a design so close to perfection? Enter Andy Powers, master Luthier... Read More

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NAMM 2018 PRS Announcements!

There have been some huge announcements from PRS in the run-up to the NAMM show, covering both production and private stock electric guitars, SE acoustics, and amplifiers. We are known for our PRS collection here at Sound Affects, so naturally, we feel obligated to share these announcements with you. let’s take a look… PRS SE Angelus and Tonare PRS launched a new suite of SE Angelus and Tonare acoustics earlier this month, with a brand new hybrid bracing and some other updated appointments. These guitars are already in our store and online,... Read More


Boss Acoustic Singer Live/Pro Amplifier Demo with Tom Quayle

Watch Tom Quayle Demo the New Acoustic Singer Amplifier from Boss. Professional acoustic amplifier with premium sound and features 60–watt bi-amp design with custom-designed 6.5-inch woofer and dome tweeter Dual channels with discrete analog input electronics and three-band EQ Dedicated guitar channel with Acoustic Resonance to restore natural tone to stage guitars with piezo pickups Mic channel with phantom power and ¼-inch/XLR combo input for connecting a vocal/guitar microphone or second instrument source Chorus effect on guitar channel, delay/echo effect on mic channel, and independent reverb on both channels Harmony... Read More


Watch Tom Quayle demo the new for 2017 Boss CP-1X Compressor Effects Pedal. Next-generation guitar compressor that uses BOSS’s advanced MDP tech to preserve musical expression Intelligent circuitry adapts to every register and playing nuance, providing natural compression with exceptional clarity Sophisticated under-the-hood processing with multiple interlocking parameters, accessible with simple stompbox controls Gain reduction indicator shows the current compression amount at a glance Digital circuitry greatly reduces noise, a common problem with standard compressors Professional 18-volt input electronics provide ample headroom for clean, punchy sound Works with all types... Read More


Orange Rocker 32 Guitar Combo Amp Demo with Tom Quayle (New 2017)

Watch Tom Quayle demo the new for 2017 Orange Rocker 32 Guitar Combo Amplifier. Key Features: MONO OR STEREO OPERATION There are some great studio-quality effects for guitarists nowadays with two outputs for stereo operation, but normally you’ll need a pair of amps to take advantage. The Rocker 32 features a stereo effects return with two separate valve output stages, so you can unlock full potential of your pedalboard with just a single self-contained stereo combo. If you like to keep things simple, the Rocker 32 can be connected just... Read More


Shergold Masquerader Black P90 Guitar Review w/ Tom Quayle

Watch Tom Quayle Demo the newly designed Shergold SM01SD Masquerader. The Shergold Masquerader 1 has its solid mahogany body loaded with a USA-made Seymour Duncan SP90 and TB4 Humbucker pickup configuration for a full-bodied, resonant and addictively powerful tone. The Thru-Black colouring offers a glimpse into the Masquerader’s tonal core with the grain of the mahogany body visible through the immaculate high-gloss sheen finish. Re-designed for the 21st Century in the United Kingdom by British guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle, the Shergold Masquerader captures the very essence of British Rock... Read More


Shergold Masquerader Single Coil Cherry Review with Tom Quayle

Watch Tom Quayle demo and review the Shergold Masquerader Single Coil in Cherry. Designed by Patrick James Eggle Solid Mahogany Body Solid Rosewood Neck Hand Brushed Neck Finish Staggered Height Locking Machineheads Front / Neck Pickup: USA Seymour Duncan SP90-in. Back / Bridge Pickup:USA Seymour Duncan TB-4 The Shergold SM01SD Masquerader 1 has its solid mahogany body loaded with a USA-made Seymour Duncan SP90 and TB4 Humbucker pickup configuration for a full-bodied, resonant and addictively powerful tone. The Thru-Cherry colouring offers a glimpse into the Masquerader’s tonal core with the grain... Read More


Top 5 Electro Harmonix Pedals to Revolutionize your sound!

Bored of your guitar tone? If you want something completely different to revolutionise your pedalboard look no further. Electro Harmonix are easily one of the most creative pedal companies out there. Whether you are after their legendary Fuzz tones or something out of this world they have a pedal for you available at an attractive price. We have put together a list of our top selling Electro Harmonix pedals that are out of the norm and will change your tone completely. 5) Frequency Analyzer              ... Read More