Namm 2017

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Akai Headrush Pedalboard – In-Stock Now

We’ve been quite excited about these arriving…And it’s now in-stock! New from Akai, this is the Headrush Pedalboard. The multi-effects unit contains a number of vintage and modern amplifiers and array of high quality effects which are easily accessible by the board’s integrated colour touchscreen. Not only is the Akai Headrush fully-equipped to accommodate all genres of styles, further features include a 20-minute looper and gapless zero-latency switching with reverb and delay-tail spillover, all in a rather clever quad-core DSP effects processor. It’s quite the light show as well –... Read More


Electro Harmonix announce NEW Canyon Delay & Looper Pedal

Electro Harmonix have just announced yet another pedal. After Namms ‘Blurst‘ and ‘Operation Overload’ announcements we though we’d have to wait a while for another announcement. Apparently not as EHX have just announced the Canyon Delay and Looper pedal. Not only does this pedal look awesome but it is packed with features, doesn’t take up vital pedal board real estate and includes a looper. It’s safe to say that we will be seeing this on a lot of pedalboards going forward! What EHX Have to say Packed with more power... Read More

JHS at NAMM 2017 announce 3 new pedals!

JHS have had a very busy year, not only producing two brand new pedals working with artists but one extra pedal in collaboration with Milkman amplifiers. Check them out below:   First up… The VCR. The VCR is a brand new pedal made with Ryan Adams and PaxAM and fuses a Volume, Chorus and Reverb all into one. One of the best features of this pedal is the ability to customise each effect individually. This pedal has a true bypass master on/off which means that when you aren’t using it... Read More

NAMM 2017: Victory announce two new amps

After working with players such as Guthrie Govan, guitarists have got a lot of great gear to look forward to this year (try saying that three times fast). Especially now that Victory are adding two new amps into their roster. Introducing the V40 Deluxe and the V130 Super Countess: The V40 Deluxe heads Victory’s brand new heritage series and expands the previous V40 from being just an amp head into the full combo amp. This amp is packed full of effects ranging from Reverb, Tone and Level controls and best... Read More


NAMM 2017: Source Audio reveals the new Ventris Reverb Pedal

There aren’t many things better in a musicians life than when manufacturers of fantastic pedals listen to the requests of gigging players using their gear and tone enthusiasts who seek the ‘perfect tone’. It was this that motivated Source Audio to create this brand new pedal and add some incredible new features that are well worth your time checking out. Take your first look at it here: This compact unit houses twenty four distinctive effects including settings such as ‘Shimmer’, ‘Spring’, ‘Swell’, ‘Choir’ and ‘Pitch Shifting’ reverbs. The long list... Read More


Electro Harmonix announce NEW Operation Overload

Electro Harmonix have just announced yet another pedal at Namm 2017! Introducing the Operation Overload overdrive/distortion. This isn’t just any old OD/Distortion pedal, it boasts stereo ins and outs and works with Guitar, Bass, Keys and any other electronic instrument. Controls include treble, mid and bass EQ tweaking and a Dry Blend, while dual inputs and outputs allow a variety of applications for the multi-instrumentalist. JFET gain stages create valve-y type distortion tones and the pedal also includes a Boost circuit that adds an overdrive ahead of the gain stage. What EHX... Read More

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NAMM 2017: The All-New Taylor Academy Series / GS Mini Bass

With Winter NAMM 2017 now under way, we’re poised and at the ready for news of new and exciting releases coming from brands far and wide. Right away, Taylor Guitars have unveiled their new series of Academy Series Acoustics alongside an addition to their popular GS Mini family – The GS Mini E Bass. The Academy Series will become available later in the year in 3 separate models in acoustic, electro-acoustic and left-handed varieties and will provide a high-quality instrument for learners and seasoned guitarists alike at a competitive price... Read More


Winter NAMM 2017: Chase Bliss, Neunaber

Chase Bliss – Faves MIDI , and Brothers Gain Stage Firstly and simply, we have the Faves – a simple MIDI controller that allows for 6 presets to be accessed on the fly. Perfect for adding some presets to your Chase Bliss pedals, without lugging around a bulky MIDI controller. But to more interesting pastures….   A first for Chase Bliss – not a modulation pedal! Designed with the team at Resonant Electronic, the Brothers is actually six different boost/drive/fuzz circuits, which can then be mixed in 33 different ways, including a... Read More


NAMM 2017: Beatles Straps, Picks & More From D’Addario

Four polyester straps are being re-released featuring art from the White Album and variations of famous Beatles logos. D’Addario has announced that it will be showcasing a range of new guitar accessories and extensions to its premium strings lines at NAMM 2017. The Beatles are back at D’Addario Accessories, featuring the return of top-selling Beatles-licensed guitar straps and picks. The strap line features vegan straps (leather strap style adjuster) with designs from Meet the Beatles, Yellow Submarine, Sgt. Pepper, and Revolver. Additionally, there are four polyester straps being re-released that... Read More


Namm 2017: G7th Announce the Worlds Lightest Capo

Is your Capo too heavy? Good news, G7th have got you covered. The new ultra-light capo from G7th boasts a ultra low price point and weighs in at 8 grams. Available in black, red and blue and suitable for both Electric & Acoustic Guitars for around £10, this product is sure to be a top seller. The UltraLight uses next-generation composite technology that promises not to weigh down guitar necks or interfere with guitarists’ fretting hands. Coming soon to Sound Affects Music!