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The Secret History of Guitar Effects Pedals

A Short History The sound of a guitar -as pure as it is- has been modified by performers for decades. The first amplifiers & portable PA systems came out in the 1920’s but were not originally intended for the guitar. Trumpets and trombones in the brass section ruled the roost in big bands of the time, pushing the guitar aside until it founds its voice with amplification. Unfortunately the first amplifiers didn’t sound so great, producing a very thin, almost reed like tone (think wet fart down a broken Clarinet,... Read More


The time has come for Slug Solos | A blog that replaces guitars with giant slugs!

Want another reason to love the internet? Here it is. Searching for guitar humour we have located a Tumblr blog that utilises Photoshop to replace guitars with giant slugs. Slug Solos was created by Michael M, a Glasgow based writer who describes his blog as ‘An esoteric blog. Some guitarists’ solo faces look like they’ve just realised they’re holding giant slug creatures.’ Here is our top 10 slug solos Rolling Stones – Keith Richards                         Prince      ... Read More


10 Awesome & Unusual Guitar Shaped Things

Whilst keeping our Facebook page updated with awesome content we often come across weird and wonderful guitar related items that we just have to share. Here is a collection of some awesome guitar shaped items from around the world.   1) Guitar Boat Australian singer songwriter Josh Pyke had a Guitar boat created to the specifications of his own guitar for his 2008 music video ‘Make You Happy’. The behind the scenes video below reveals all.         2) Guitar Toilet Seat Kentucky company Jammin’ Johns are bringing ‘Music to... Read More


Classic Album Covers Re-Imagined w/ Kittens

Cats and music go hand in hand right? Well if you don’t agree you will have seeing these album covers re-imagined with Kittens. There is a whole blog dedicated to this so if this post doesn’t fulfil your needs visit


Radio 2 | Top 100 Greatest Guitar Riffs | VOTE NOW

As part of the BBC’s Guitar Season of programmes, Radio 2 are asking you to vote for what you consider to be the Greatest Guitar Riff Ever? STEP 1: LISTEN TO THE RIFFS HERE STEP 2: CAST YOUR VOTE The vote is open from midday on Monday 14 July and closes at 7pm on Monday 4 August 2014. Tune in to Radio 2 on Monday 25 August to hear the results! A panel of guitar music experts, made up of Radio 2 presenters, music critics and record producers were selected to... Read More


Minimalist Band Posters | Can you guess which bands are featured?

Thanks to minimalist designers at Tata&Friends we have the pleasure of guessing which bands they have featured in their minimalist band posters. Here’s how it works…. Clam + Jam = Pearl Jam Simple right? Let us know how you do! Answers are at the bottom of the post 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 So… How did you do? Don’t forget to leave us a comment and be honest! Answers The Doors LED Zeppelin Queen The Who Smashing Pumpkins Radiohead Guns N’ Roses... Read More