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Darkglass Electronics – Now in Stock at Sound Affects!

It’s been a long time coming for the bass players of the world, too long have guitar effects pedals ruled the roost and grown in popularity to the detriment of the low end thunder. No longer! Darkglass Electronics appeared seemingly from nowhere in 2009, founded by Doug Castro on a mission to see the instrument he loved to play get some real, high quality effects pedals dedicated purely to the bass guitar. The history of Darkglass Electronics is an interesting one. Doug Castro (the CEO and Founder of Darkglass Electronics)... Read More


Ortega Guitars Release QuantumLoop Percussion Stomp Box

The QuantumLoop Multi Digital Percussion Stomp Box is the latest tool in the arsenal of the modern musician. A digital stomp box with built in looper, allowing you to create and store drum beats in real time to accompany your performance. Stomp boxes have been used in genres such as American folk and blues for years to recreate the sound of a bass drum and this is now accessible to the modern singer-songwriter. Loaded with 20 different samples and the ability to store four custom samples via USB (two per... Read More

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Origin Effects Coming Soon to Sound Affects Premier

When you think of a boutique brand of pedals with an artist roster the size of the famed library of Alexandria, you couldn’t NOT think of anyone other than Origin Effects. The pedal brand started in Oxford, Central Southern England in the United Kingdom. Origin Effects was created by Audio-Designer Simon Keats, who wanted to put his skills and experience to the test and create a brand that can serve the gigging musician. Originally (no pun intended) they worked out of a small barn conversion. This was their home base... Read More

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The Secret History of Guitar Effects Pedals

A Short History The sound of a guitar -as pure as it is- has been modified by performers for decades. The first amplifiers & portable PA systems came out in the 1920’s but were not originally intended for the guitar. Trumpets and trombones in the brass section ruled the roost in big bands of the time, pushing the guitar aside until it founds its voice with amplification. Unfortunately the first amplifiers didn’t sound so great, producing a very thin, almost reed like tone (think wet fart down a broken Clarinet,... Read More


JHS Reveal The Bonsai 9-Way Tube Screamer at NAMM 2018

One of the most innovative and interesting pedals to come out at NAMM 2018. JHS have absolutely knocked it out the park with this one. Following on from their own pedal released in 2015 called the Muffuletta -which packed six different Fuzz circuits into one pedal- the Bonsai packs nine (yes nine!) different classic Tube Screamers into one unit. This is what it looks like: With just a simple rotary dial on the bottom right, you can switch between nine unique circuits that conjure up various vintage, one of a... Read More


JHS Update Three Pedals for NAMM 2018 – Panther Cub Delay V2, Emperor Chorus V2 and Unicorn Vibe V2

The men and women at JHS Pedals in the USA have had a very busy NAMM 2018 so far. With the announcement of five new and updated pedals in their range. As far as the updated pedals go, here’s the lowdown on what’s changed and what’s not with the Panther Cub Delay V2, the Emperor Chorus V2 and the Unicorn Vibe V2 compared to their older, larger counterparts: First up, the Panther Cub V2 (below): This now little pedal packs quite a bit of technological wizardry in its tiny frame.... Read More


JHS AT+ Andy Timmons Signature Pedal Revealed at NAMM 2018

In 2016 JHS Pedals brought out the JHS AT Signature Drive pedal for the amazing guitar player Andy Timmons. Featuring a 3-way toggle switch to go between 25, 50 and 100 Watts of headroom with dials for Drive, Air, EQ control and Volume. The AT could also run on 18v (rather than your standard 9v) for even more headroom. Now, two years later at NAMM 2018 the AT got an upgrade. Meet the AT+: For those who think 9v of power isn’t enough, fear not! You can run the JHS... Read More


Chase Bliss Audio Reveal Two New Pedals for NAMM 2018 – Conder Analog EQ and Thermae Delay

New gear always excites any musician suffering from bad Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) and today no guitar player is spared. The bath robe draped people at Chase Bliss Audio in USA have come out with some rather interesting new creations. Meet the new additions to the line up: The Condor Analog EQ   First up, the Condor. This pedal can do an awful lot. Whether its clean or driven tones you’re after, this versatile stompbox boasts a feather full of EQ controls including frequency controls via a parametric boost/cut where... Read More


Chase Bliss Audio Release Updated Warped Vinyl HiFi Vibrato/Chorus Pedal

Chase Bliss have a very good habit of putting out some of the highest quality guitar pedals on the market today. This new update is no exception. Rather than giving it the name ‘Warped Vinyl mkiii’ to replace the now discontinued ‘mkii’ they felt this pedal differed enough to be called something new. Enter the Warped Vinyl HiFi Vibrato/Chorus Pedal. The HiFi part of the name comes from the quality of the sound produced. High fidelity equipment creates a sound that is as similar as possible to the original. Essentially... Read More


New Richie Kotzen Signature RK50 Victory Amplifier Released!

Initially teased in February 2017 by a sneaky picture on his Instagram (below), the guitar/vocal powerhouse has finally released his long awaited new signature amplifier and boy is it cool! The Victory RK50 came about through Richie’s longstanding friendship with Victory Amplifier Designer Martin Kidd (who originally designed Richie’s old Cornford Signature Amp way back when) and it packs lots of cool features. From in-built Tremolo to a Speaker Dampening for better Bass, this amplifier is a versatile, single channel game changer. It will be available in a compact Head... Read More