10 Reasons the Boss CUBE Street II is the ultimate busking amplifier!

Ever since the release of the original Roland CUBE Street it quickly became a staple amongst buskers and outdoor performers around the world. Visit any city around the world and you’ll most likely see the iconic amp.
We’ve had customers buy a CUBE Street in store and have it paid off by the end of the day thanks to a “good day of busking!”
Roland / Boss have now released the CUBE Street II and here is 10 reasons why it is the perfect amp for buskers around the world…

NUMBER 1) It’s Light Weight
Weighing in at just 4.4kg the CUBE Street II is portable and easy to carry around town to your favourite busking spots.

NUMBER 2) It’s Durable
The CUBE Street II features an enhanced ABS injection-molded cabinet that is designed for increased durability.

NUMBER 3) It’s Battery Life
The CUBE Street II boasts an impressive 8 hour battery life (10 hours with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries) so you can get a full working day of busking out of it. Need more time? You can switch the unit to ECO Mode (5 watts) and get up to 11 hours (14 hours with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries).

NUMBER 4) Bluetooth Connectivity
Upgrade your CUBE Street II with the Boss BT-Dual bluetooth / MIDI adaptor so you are able to stream music / backing tracks wirelessly to the amplifier via your smartphone. You can even edit the parameters on the amp via the app.

NUMBER 5) It’s Packed with Guitar Features
Remember this is now a Boss product. The Guitar channel on this device boasts 9 different amp types, a 3 band EQ, chorus/delay, reverb & a tuner so you should have no trouble getting the sound you want.

NUMBER 6) It’s Professional Vocal Sound
Want to bring a professional sound to the street? The CUBE Street II offers an impressive vocal harmony, 3 band EQ and reverb on it’s Mic/Line channel so that you can achieve studio quality vocals.

NUMBER 7) It has a Built in Looper
Performing on your own but want to add different layers to your performance? The CUBE Street II has a 45 second built in looper that is controllable via an optional foot switch. One for the Ed Sheeran fans.

NUMBER 8) You Can Record / Livestream via a Computer
Has the rain ruined your plans to spend a day busking? You can connect the CUBE Street II to your computer via USB to record / livestream your peformance.

NUMBER 9) Its Look & Design
There is no doubt that the Cube Street has become a familiar ‘industry standard’ piece of gear seen on the streets worldwide. The CUBE Street II improves the design and the speaker is angled for optimum monitoring / sound projection so everyone in the audience can hear your performance.

NUMBER 10) It Has An Awesome App
When you connect to your smartphone via the optional BT-Dual adaptor you get access to lots of features via the app making it easy to change parameters and stream backing tracks without having to mess with the amp. Here is a list of what you can do:
• Customize the onboard effects with a wide selection of parameters.
• Swap out the harmony function on the Mic/Instrument channel with a chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, or touch wah effect.
• Change the chorus effect on the Guitar/Mic channel to a phaser, flanger, tremolo, or touch wah.
• Set the input source for the looper and extend the recording time to 90 seconds (mono).
• Assign optional footswitches to control a variety of functions.
• Apply a ducking effect to automatically lower the volume of background music when speaking.
• Set up the Stereo Link and Stereo Input functions.
• Save custom setups for different gigs as Live Sets.
• Check the current battery level.
• And much more!

The Boss CUBE Street II is available to buy now at Sound Affects

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