JUST LANDED: ’76 Gibson Explorer

Look at what’s just arrived at Sound Affects!
A vintage & rare 1976 Gibson Explorer that happens to be the same model made famous by The Edge of U2. There is said to be around 100 of these models made and it is believed that ‘The Edge’ owns x13 of them!

Serial number: 00230176
“OO” “2” Get it :-)

This guitar is in excellent condition for its age with lots of life left in the frets. Comes in a hard case with the original documentation from 1976.
You can see more pictures and specs of the guitar here.

Please note that we are selling this guitar on commission for a good customer of ours. If you have a guitar or collection that you would like us to sell, please get in touch.

A Brief History
The ‘Explorer’ alongside the ‘Flying V’ was Gibsons attempt at creating eye catching guitar shapes “of the future” and was initially a flop. During the first two years of production (’58 & ’59) Gibson managed to sell less than 50 of the “Korina Explorers”. These guitars are now valued between $250k – $300k. After five years of production Gibson decided to discontinue the Explorer in 1963 and the last of the original line left the factory.

Eric Clapton – Probably the most noteable player of an original “Korina Explorer”

The Explorer then lay dormant until 1976 when Gibson decided to create a limited run of Explorers, one of which we now have at Sound Affects!

10 Top Guitarists who rose to fame wielding an Explorer

Original hangtag and Norlin era Guarantee
Norlin Guarantee & inside the manual
Original ’76 Business Card Reply still intact.

1976 Gibson Explorer available for sale now at Sound Affects

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