Meet the pickup builder for Billy F Gibbons!

Cream T pickups have relocated to the UK and are now based in Ormskirk.
Legendary pickup builder Thomas Nilsen has wound pickups for Billy F Gibbons, Keith Richards, Derek Trucks & more.

On Saturday 25th January 2020 we are hosting a free event in store at Sound Affects

The Cream T workshop will take place between 11:00 – 14:00

Hear the pickups in action, try them out yourself and learn about some of the methods/new technologies Cream T are implementing to revolutionise the guitar pickup market.

Special Guest: Patrick Eggle Guitars will also be present!

SPECIAL OFFER: If you buy a set of Cream T pickups on the day we will book your guitar in with our tech for FREE installation!

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Cream T Pickups are available for sale now at

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