An Insight into Nik Huber Guitars

Founded in 1996, Nik Huber guitars has been a manufacturer of renowned high-end guitars for over two decades. A small team of 8 specialists is creating up to 240 guitars per year, all handcrafted and built to perfection, tone-wise and build-wise.

Nik Huber guitars are known around the world for their singlecuts. Whether it’s the Orca and Krautster that resemble the design of a Les Paul, or the Dolphin, Twangmeister, and Rietbergen guitar models that are not-so-distant cousins to the Telecaster, offering a fuller, more rounded body shape and a warmer tone – you’re sure to find a Nik Huber that you will fall in love with.


A legend in and of itself, the Orca looks familiar to guitar players around the world by virtue of its shape. Paying tribute to the first solid body of this kind, the Orca brings a new twist to the traditional form with a slightly thinner body and a longer scale.
The classic combination of tonewoods and traditional method of construction make this guitar spring to life out of the fascinating merger between vintage values and modern-day quality.

Dolphin II

Finally a guitar that embodies the best of all worlds: Vintage and modern, handcrafted and high-tech, appropriate for any stage or showcase, and built with only carefully selected materials and close attention to the fine detail.


The wood

I contacted the guys at Nik Huber guitars to get some more information on how the maple wood is selected for the Dolphins and where it is sourced. Firstly, their wood is sourced from all around the world, with it primarily coming from sources in Canada, the USA, and Europe. To give you an insight into how much detail goes into picking the right wood for each guitar, all wood is handpicked according to what look of wood is wanted for the guitar that is being built. Bookmatching is also a big part of the process, as making a guitar look as uniform as possible is ideal for creating the perfect guitar.



The Process

All 8 employees of Nik Huber guitars, including Nik Huber himself, contribute to building each and every guitar. That’s how they manage to craft over 200 a year!

Check out the video below to see what’s behind the creation of a Nik Huber guitar.

As mentioned in the video, none other than Paul Reed Smith himself mentored Nik Huber. After many years of back and forth between PRS and Huber, and many prototypes being thrown in the bin, Huber eventually refined his design to the guitars we know and love today.


Due to the fact that all Nik Hubers are hand crafted, there are also extensive options available to buyers to customise their dolphin to exactly how they want it. Some of these include but are not limited to: Semi hollow bodies, Gold hardware, middle pickups, custom colours, and a multitude of options to change woods used in the guitar.


Check out some demos of these guitars below:

Dolphin I


Krautster II

As you can hear from the above videos, Nik Huber guitars suit almost every style of playing possible, with rich yet bright tones bursting from the seams of the hand crafted guitars.

So what now for Nik Huber guitars?

The major goal of Nik Huber is to never compromise on the quality of the instruments made. This is why their growth happens slowly throughout the years, in order to keep the highest standard of their guitars.


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