Unleash The Power of Your JD-XA

The Roland JD-XA is a unique crossover synth that brings together analog warmth and digital versatility in one super-creative, no- compromise instrument. First, there’s a four-part, all-analog monster with true analog filters and a direct dry output. Next up is a four-part digital engine powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL synth technology, plus an impressive selection of potent effects. The JD-XA’s engines can be used independently or interactively, providing an incredibly flexible platform for sound design, studio work, and live performance. Use the analog and digital parts side by side, stack them up for total sonic devastation, or shape digital waveforms via the analog filters to create sounds never heard before. With the JD-XA, you can forget about analog or digital—just close your eyes, imagine how the future sounds, and start creating music.


If you have reached a creative block with the current pool of built- in presets, or would like to take the leap into this world of synthesis then why not give these a try?


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We have chosen 20 of our favourite sounds as crafted by Youtube user gattobus- https://www.youtube.com/user/gattobus.

Presented below are two videos demonstrating the creative power of this crossover synth. Featuring classic sounds from the 70s, 80s and 90s, in addition to instantly recognisable soundtracks such as Blade Runner, The Never-ending Story and Miami Vice. The hard work has been taken out of programming and patching these sounds so that you can get down to playing right away.


Part 1


Patches are available to download below:


0:08 – Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

1:00 – Save a prayer – Duran Duran

1:46 – Orinoco Flow – Enya

2:23 – Radio Gaga – Queen

3:16 – Enjoy the silence – Depeche mode

4:08 – Chase – Giorgio Moroder

5:24 – Kelly watch the stars – Air

6:10 – Oxygene II – Jean Michel Jarre

7:50 – Around the world – Daft Punk

9:18 – On The Run – Pink Floyd


Part 2


Patches are available to download below:


0:05 Sirius – Alan Parson Project

1:04 Neverending Story – Moroder-Limahl

2:00 Uprising – Muse

2:40 Blade Runner End Titles – Vangelis

4:22 Air on G string – J.S.Bach – Wendy Carlos tribute

5:18 Shine on you crazy diamond (intro) – Pink Floyd

6:50 Da Funk – Daft Punk

7:35 Crockett’s theme – Jan Hammer

8:12 I hear you now – Vangelis

9:50 Die Roboter – Kraftwerk


How do I install the patches?


Once you have downloaded the Roland- JD-XA folder, VER 1.00, follow the below four easy steps to get you up and running (USB pen drive required):

  • Format your USB Drive using JD-XA (Press MENU button, go to UTILITY, then select USB MEM FORMAT)
  • Mount the USB Drive on your computer, unzip file “Gattobus_covers.zip” and copy the ROLAND folder (with all subfolders) on the root of your USB memory.
  • Unmount USB drive and plug it on the JD-XA.
  • Now you can select the USB banks and enjoy! (you can also save the patches on your instrument’s memory).

If you have any queries regarding the JD-XA, how to install the patches or any other general queries, our expert team are on hand to answer your questions.

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