HOW TO: Update the Boss GT-1000 (Version 2)

The BOSS GT-1000 Version 2 software is here!
It’s easy to install and you’ll get access to more models, tones and presets.

Before we show you how to update your device, let’s hear some of the new presets in action.
All of the new presets start at ‘Bank 47’.

Big thanks from Mark Harley of BOSS UK for demoing the pedal. In this next clip you will hear several presets created by Mark to showcase the new firmware update in the style of Steve Lukather (Toto), David Gilmore (Pink Floyd),  & Brian May (Queen).



First of all, visit the Boss website and download the firmware update here.

What you will need?
USB Cable

Please note: Boss advise you backup your current data and not to interrupt/turn off the unit once the update is taking place.

Step 1: Open/extract the downloaded “” file on your computer to get the update file in the “gt1000_sys_v202” folder.

Step 2: Hold the ‘WRITE‘ button on the GT-1000 and power on. ‘GT-1000 Updater’ will appear on the display.

Step 3: Connect the GT-1000 to your computer via USB.

Step 4: The GT-1000 will show as a device (Removable Disk) on your computer. Drag and drop the ‘GT-1000_UPA_up.bin’ (located in the ‘gt1000_sys_v202‘ folder) into the mounted device.

Step 5: When the file has copied successfully remove/eject the GT-1000 from your computer.

Step 6: Disconnect the USB cable (‘Execute Update?’ will show on screen).

Step 7: Press ‘WRITE‘ to execute the update.

Step 8: The GT-1000 will display ‘Update Complete’ when finished.

Step 9: Turn off, power on and verify that 2.02 is displayed as the firmware.


Want more from your GT-1000?

Be sure to download the Boss Tone Studio to again access to libraries of FREE patches/presets by artists and experts.

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