New Victory Amps V140 The Super Duchess!

Victory Amps V140 The Super DuchessAvailable to Pre-Order Now Click Here

Victory Amps V140 The Super Duchess:

Victory Amplification from the UK proudly announces V140 The Super Duchess a 100-watt, single-channel, all-valve guitar amplifier with valve-driven spring reverb and tremolo, evolved from the Heritage Series V40 Deluxe.

The Compact Series V40 The Duchess surprised many people at launch in 2014. Amid a market packed with multi-channel, multi-feature amps, here was a single-channel valve amp aimed squarely at roots, blues and classic rock players who love to use pedals. It was an instant success and remains one of Victory Amps best selling models, used by a wide variety of bands and players. The Heritage Series V40 Deluxe combo and head followed in 2017, adding valve-driven spring reverb, tremolo and taking a step towards classic American voicing in the cleans. Like The Duchess it has become much loved for its range of timeless tones in that all-rounder, 40-watt world that suits small and medium gigs perfectly… and of course for recording.

There were a number of players who wanted more, however. More power for even bigger clean tones, with high-headroom dynamics that deliver subtlety and nuance in a way that only a 100-watt amp can. Adding another pair of 6L6 power valves and a bigger power transformer to deliver more depth, more clarity and more definition. Enter V140 The Super Duchess. A 100-watt all-valve head in 2019, you ask? You bet – with no apologies.

Victory Amps have also added a couple of other tweaks over the 40-watt model. First, V140 The Super Duchess has a long-tank, valve-driven spring reverb for huge, smooth and deep ’verb (V40 Deluxe has a short-tank reverb). Second, there’s an additional, newly voiced Mid Kick switch option – now three-position instead of two – to add even more upper midrange focus and cut if you want it.

The Super Duchess is finished in cream vinyl to match the V212VCD or V112C cabs: a rig that looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Victory Amps V140 The Super Duchess


  • Single Channel – Two Distinct EQ Response Voice Settings
  • Mid Kick Switch
  • Valve Driven Tremolo (Footswitchable)
  • Valve Driven Spring Reverb (Footswitchable)
  • High and Low Power Settings (100 Watts – 30 Watts)
  • Hard Bypassable Series Effects Loop
  • External Bias Test Points and Adjustment
  • TRS Connection for Reverb and Tremolo
  • 4 x 12AX7 and 4 x 6L6 Valves
  • Two-Button Footswitch and Slip Cover included

Available to Pre-Order Now Click Here

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