An Introduction to Orange

When it comes to classic rock amps, the big three brands spring to mind; Marshall, Fender, Vox. But should this big three become a four…?

Founded in 1968 by Clifford Cooper, they did miss out on a very innovative era for amplifiers, with the three stalwarts making giant leaps forward – the influence of which continues to ripple out to this day. However, Orange’s rise to power was quick and deserved. Initially opening a shop focused on second-hand equipment, then excelling in PA systems which were used by the BBC, it wasn’t long before the first Orange amps were released into the world.

Orange made a name for themselves in the world of rock during the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. Guitarists such as Peter Green, Tony Iommi and Paul Kossoff could all be seen playing Orange and establishing the classic Orange amp sound – crunchy, hairy and loud!

Cooper’s quirky new brand enjoyed cult success throughout the 70s with the GR100 and GR50 amps – known as the “Pics Only” due to the unique control pictures. They even ventured into the then-unknown world of Solid State and Programmable Digital amplifiers, unfortunately ahead of their commercially successful time. The following decades were a quieter period for Orange, including an underwhelming resurrection attempt by Gibson in the mid-90s. One of the few Orange champions of this time was Noel Gallagher, who had used an Overdrive amp almost exclusively on all the early Oasis albums.

As the turn of the millennium approached, so Orange’s fortunes turned. Cooper enlisted Adrien Emsley as technical director to help redevelop the brand and product range. Since then Orange has gone from strength to strength and are currently one of the world’s leading amp manufacturers, with a huge range of gear available from the Terror Series ‘lunchbox’ amps to 200w Thunderverbs!

Here is a pick of our favourite affordable Orange gear…


Micro Terror

The Micro Terror is one of our favourites here at Sound Affects and is based on the Tiny Terror, the original ‘lunchbox’ amplifier. Featuring a 12AX7 valve in the pre-amp, this 20 watt amp head provides the classic Orange tone in a small, affordable amp.

Together with the PPC108 cabinet, this amp can be the perfect practice amp while still giving a big sound. The Micro Terror is also able to be paired with Orange’s most powerful speaker cabs and is more than at home on stage! The MT20 head can be used with any 8-16 ohm speaker. This means that it can easily be used as a gigging amp, despite its compact size.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose amplifier with that classic Orange grunt but with the portability of a pedal, then look no further than the Micro Terror!


Crush Series

If it’s combo amps you’re after, then the Orange Crush Series is for you. Ranging from mini-amps to larger practice amps, there is something for everyone. These solid state amps are wired with analogue circuitry, meaning they don’t lose any of the responsiveness or feel that Orange is famous for. This is enhanced further by Orange’s own ‘Voice of the World’ speakers that feature in the full Crush Series.

At the smaller end of the spectrum is the single channel Crush 12, ideal for practicing at home due to its modest size, but also because of the CabSim feature on the headphone/line output. This is designed to emulate the sound of a mic’d Orange 4×12 cabinet, meaning you can recreate huge tones on this small amp through headphones or in the studio. There are also 20watt and 35watt models available with built-in Reverb and Tuner features, as well as the quirky 3watt Micro Crush! The full range is available online and in store here at Sound Affects Music.


Crush Pro Series

The Crush Pro Series takes the solid state combo amp into new, gig-ready territory. Inspired by Orange’s prestigious Rockerverb amplifiers, the Crush Pro line is designed to be the ultimate solid state gigging amp. Made with high grade analogue components, these amps will crunch up the louder you crank them, achieving tones from warm blues to rich overdrives and beyond.

Our Crush Pro picks are the CR60 Combo, the perfect ‘grab and go’ gigging amp, and the CR120 Head – a high powered, stage ready amplifier that can be matched with a range of cabinets. These amps prove that Solid State technology is more than a match for classic valve designs, and come complete with a fully buffered effects loop, foot switchable digital reverb and bucket loads of power!


Fur Coat Fuzz

A recent addition to the Orange line, the Fur Coat is an all-out 70s inspired Octave Fuzz pedal. Separate switches mean you can choose between Fuzz and Octave Fuzz, but the best feature is the Octave Up control, allowing the player to dial in the exact amount of Octave required. The Treble and Bass EQ features means you have complete control over your sound. What’s more, this is a true bypass pedal as Orange believe in putting the Fuzz at the beginning of the chain where it interacts directly with the guitar. This pedal can be used with a clean sound, or an overdriven amp where it creates a thick, “fur coat” of Fuzz!



Looking for something a little bit different? Orange’s vinyl accessory bag doubles up as a Micro Terror case, or simply a day to day bag! Or if you’re after high quality headphones with a lightweight design, check out the affordable Dark Edition headphones! Both available here at Sound Affects Music at affordable prices.

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