Ten Legendary Guitarists Who Have Used The BOSS DS-1

Ten Legendary Guitarists Who Have Used The BOSS DS-1

There’s no doubt that the BOSS DS-1 is among the most popular effects pedals around, providing cheap but incredible quality distortion to everyone round the globe. The BOSS DS-1 has even been used by some of the most famous and some of the best guitarists in the world, and in this blog I’ll be taking you on a sensational journey on which of the legendary guitarists use the BOSS DS-1distortion effects pedal.

John Frusciante

John Frusciante, famously known as the former guitarist for the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. What separates Frusciante from other guitarists is the sheer passion in performing, and when watching the youtube video above whilst researching, I was simply blown away by how emotionally involved Frusciante is when he plays, and this is proven by the reactions from the audience when he plays.

Shown by Frusciante’s minimalistic pedalboard setup, he uses a BOSS DS-1 along with other pedals, such as the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, and the Ibanez WH-10 Wah Wah.

Kurt Cobain

The late and great Kurt Cobain. Dearly missed by everyone here at Sound Affects Music, and missed by the rest of the world, too. Frontman for Nirvana, Cobain was a role model for the grunge scene back in the late 20th century. His chilled out playing style was strange for a grunge band, but that’s what lead Nirvana to be so iconic.

In this article, Cobain was said to have had a keen eye for ‘junk’, and he never wanted to splash all of his cash on a guitar, so he was known to buy his guitars from pawn shops, or wherever he could find a bargain. Due to this frugal living, Cobain invested in a BOSS DS-1, a cheap but effective distortion pedal, and used it as his primary effects pedal.

Gary Moore

Gary Moore was a rock guitarist from Northern Ireland, and he has played with a range of musicians and in a range of bands, from Skid Row to Thin Lizzy. In the video above, Moore is shown demonstrating (with great skill) the effects pedals he was using when he was performing around the world, including the famous DS-1, further proving the pedal to be a musician’s best friend when it comes to churning out some amazing solos or catchy riffs.

Robert Smith

The incredible, amazing, stupendous, (any other word that describes how great he just is), Robert Smith. A member of multiple internationally famous bands, including but not limited to, The Cure, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Smith is well known for being able to create both dark and light moods in his songs and guitar playing, and will most certainly be a household name whilst humans are still walking the earth.

Pictured here is Smith’s rig rundown, Featuring the one and only BOSS DS-1, as well as many other BOSS pedals, building a shrine to the god-like powers of BOSS and their mighty effects.

Steve Vai

Steve Vai is one of the greatest guitarists to ever walk on this earth (in my opinion), and having performed alongside great musicians such as David Lee Roth, and Frank Zappa, there is certainly no doubt in this, at all. Vai has been an active musician since 1978, and still going strong in 2018, an incredible 40 years!

Above I have linked one of Vai’s most talented songs, ‘The Attitude Song’, a song played on a guitar in the time signature of 7/16, centered by a backing track in the time signature of 4/4, which is just mind-blowing.

Pictured here is Vai’s setup from 1996, clearly showing the DS-1 at the heart of his rig. Vai continues to perform live and make incredible music, and we just can’t wait to see if a song just like ‘The Attitude Song’ will be released before Vai retires.

Doug Aldrich

Last but by no means least is Doug Aldrich, a brilliant guitar player who has played in rock bands like Whitesnake, and Dio. Known for his gorgeous blond flowing locks, Doug Aldrich is the master of shredding, as shown by this incredible guitar solo above. Active since 1985, Aldrich is now playing in the band The Dead Daisies, and continues to produce music with them, their latest album being released on the 6th of April, 2018.

As complex as Aldrich’s rig is, at the heart of it are his trusty pedals, The DS-1, the Majik Box rocket fuel overdrive, and the Moollon chorus.


So, there you have it, some legendary guitarists that all use / have used the DS-1 as their distortion pedal. Still one of the most affordable pedals, the DS-1 is a no-brainer. A trusty effects pedal, and from personal experience, one of the best sounding distortion pedals on the market.

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