Ortega Guitars Release QuantumLoop Percussion Stomp Box

The QuantumLoop Multi Digital Percussion Stomp Box is the latest tool in the arsenal of the modern musician. A digital stomp box with built in looper, allowing you to create and store drum beats in real time to accompany your performance. Stomp boxes have been used in genres such as American folk and blues for years to recreate the sound of a bass drum and this is now accessible to the modern singer-songwriter.

Loaded with 20 different samples and the ability to store four custom samples via USB (two per bank), the QuantumLoop gives you a variety of different sounds that a traditional stomp box could not create. It has sixteen different built-in drum and percussion samples, and software to allow you to upload and erase which is free to download. It is housed in solid Mahogany, which gives it the look of a traditional stomp box and has a non-slip bottom coating and foot rest for ease of use live. Who needs a real drummer!

You can also combine the QuantumLoop with the QuantumEXP to create an even more versatile stomp box setup live, connected via the “trigger input”. This allows you to control the sounds from Bank B separately, giving you more options when you play.

The QuantumLoop is perfect for the musician looking for a way to accompany themselves live, with the versatility of a modern drum machine and looper, but the traditional aesthetics of an old fashioned stomp box.

If you are interested in trying these drum percussion stomp boxes then come visit our Premier store in Ormskirk, where we have them on display ready to be tried out. You are sure to be surprised!

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