Now Stocking – Bare Knuckle Bootcamp Pickups!


The Bare Knuckle Boot Camp pickups are a new series of pickups from the company for 2018 that we first heard about at the beginning of the year. The premise is this – no-frills, off-the-shelf, hand wound quality pickups in three output ranges. The Boot Camp pickups are available as humbuckers, S-Type single coils, T-Type single coils and P90 soap bars, so there is something for every player.

Old Guard

These pickups feature Alnico II magnets and are suitable for classic blues, rock, country, pop and alternative tones. Old Guard pickups have the lowest output in the Boot Camp range and produce a P.A.F-style open, dynamic tone. Clarity and musicality are strong features of the old guard series, and they still retain the classic airiness in the higher frequencies that you would expect from Bare Knuckle.

True Grit

The True Grit pickups feature Alnico V magnets and are best suited for hot blues, hard rock, grunge, stoner, punk and old-school metal tones. They have a moderate output which, when combined with the Alnico V, produces a fat, rich, warm tone. They clean up beautifully when the volume is rolled back, and are some of the most versatile pickups in the Boot Camp range.


Brute Force

Brute Force pickups are the highest output pickups in the Boot Camp range and feature ceramic magnets in their humbuckers for brutal percussive attack and sustain. Single coil variants are Alnico V here. These pickups are most suited to progressive metal, thrash, hardcore and extreme metal styles. expect deep tones, massive bass response and plenty of saturation.

The Boot Camp range is a straightforward way of getting quality Bare Knuckle tone in three clear options. These are readily available off the shelves, and there is no waiting window for them to be wound – they are good to go. so whether, your Old Guard, True Grit, of Brute Force orientated, get yourself a set at Sound Affects Premier. hit the link to be taken to the purchase page!


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