Martin unveil Re-imagined standard line-up in time for NAMM 2018

C.F Martin & Co. is a Guitar company with tradition, innovation, and heritage as part of it’s DNA – It has remained a family-run company, passed down from Father to Son since 1833, and is an icon of Western music and American ideology. When you pick up a Martin, you can hear the company’s history – a company that has survived and evolved with America itself over the last 185 years.

Martin, Re-imagined

I challenged my co-workers to help me with the significant task of modernizing guitars whose origins go back to the 1930s (and earlier),” said Chris Martin. “As you might imagine, the discussions were quite animated. Fortunately, we all knew we were working toward a common goal: How can we modernize traditional Martin Guitar models while continuing to honor our rich history and heritage? Well, together we met that challenge head-on, and the results far exceeded my expectations.” – C.F Martin IV.

Changing this many models that are so iconic to the company and music industry all at once was a real challenge, But our team did an incredible job in choosing appointments and improvements that make these instruments even better.” – Fred Greene, Director of Product Management, Martin Guitars


the Re-imagined series features what Martin call High-performance necks – these low-oval necks have been modified with a high-performance taper, for modern feel and playability.

It also features forward-shifted bracing or scalloped bracing depending on the model, to deliver the best sound and tone that Martin has ever achieved. Although Martin has modernised the structure of these guitars, it has also focused on making these guitars look more traditional than ever before – aging toner is used across the models,  as well as open gear tuners, antique white appointments and faux tortoiseshell pickguards. These features dress the classic wood combination of Sitka Spruce and East Indian Rosewood, alongside an ebony fretboard across the models for modernised playability, but distinguished Martin looks and traditional tone.  The re-imagined standard series is the most exciting change to the Martin lineup in the history of the company, And we can’t wait to hear them.


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