Empress Zoia, Multi FX & Synth with Grid Control

Empress Zoia, Multi FX & Synth with Grid Control

The world’s grid controllers, high end DSP and boutique pedals have finally collided in glorious fashion. About time, with an increasing number of hybrid guitar setups incorporating controllers, amp modellers and tabletop effects.

From a (brief) initial look we can see that the Empress Effects Zoia is capable of crazy modulation from a range of sources including sequencing, LFOs, triggers and what looks like some rudimentary keyboard action playing synth with the grid buttons!

Much of the sonic emphasis is on the delays and reverbs that Empress are already well known for. However a teaser post on Instagram shows there’s plenty more to play with right out the box.

There’s clearly compressor, delay, reverb, phaser, tremolo, tone controls and some kind of gate for processing audio. More interestingly perhaps is the Audio Out section that reads more like a synth panel with oscillators, noise generators, filters and bit crusher. Hopefully that can all be triggered and controlled by the sources we’ve already read about and seen, including randomisation, MIDI, live playing, sequencing and maybe even audio triggering from input sources.

Even more exciting is that this is clearly just the beginning with more modules waiting in the wings…


If you’re more interested in the crazy randomisation and tempo synced sequencing then you might also want to check out Alexander Pedals Colour Theory pedal. No real demos as yet but there’s a spec list available on their website. Clearly it’s going to be capable of throwing out surprising sounds.


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