Boss & JHS Pedals join forces to create the ANGRY DRIVER JB-2!

If you are familiar with the Sweet Tea pedal from JHS you will know that the Angry Charlie Distortion works great with an additional overdrive. Adding an overdrive before or after this pedal can give you a wide variety of “useable” tones that will keep you tweaking for hours. But what other pedals work well with the Angry Charlie?

JHS and Boss have recently join forces to put this to the test and they landed on the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver. The new JB-2 from Boss features both the Angry Charlie and Boss BD-2 pedals in one compact unit. You can use them individually, in parallel or stack them how ever you want.

If you want two of the most popular pedals from two great brands in one compact unit, pre-order now @ Sound Affects Music

What Roland have to say…

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of BOSS compact pedals, BOSS and JHS Pedals have come together in a historic creative collaboration between the two industry leaders. Housed in the classic BOSS compact design, the JB-2 Angry Driver pairs the tones of the iconic BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver with JHS Pedals’ popular Angry Charlie. Working closely together, the two pedal innovators have developed an all-new combined circuit with refined sound and performance perfectly tuned for dual-mode drive operation.

The JB-2 Angry Driver features three dual-concentric knobs that provide independent drive, tone, and level control for each overdrive type. Via a six-position mode selector, you can use each overdrive independently, or combine them together in series and parallel configurations. With the ability to blend the Blues Driver’s famously expressive low-to-mid gain tones with the Angry Charlie’s aggressive rock voice in any combination, the JB-2 Angry Driver delivers unmatched range and versatility from a single overdrive pedal.


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