Friedman Vintage-T guitars Inbound

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of two brand new Friedman Vintage-T’s to Sound Affects Premier!

With one Trans Red Vintage-T already sitting proudly in our showroom, we have one in Vintage Blonde, and another in Double Burst coming to keep it company. These guitars were designed by Dave Friedman, in partnership with Grover Jackson, the man behind Jackson Guitars.

Together they have achieved a tasteful combination of classic design, authentic relicing and modern specification, all the while paying attention to the minute details – a trait both Friedman and Jackson are reknowned for in the guitar and amplification worlds.

Based on the classic Telecaster Deluxe, the Vintage-T has Kluson tuners, Friedman “Classic 90″ P90 Pickups, and an aged nitro-cellulose laquer finish in all colours. It has a comfortable and thoroughly playable 10″ – 14” compound fretboard radius, for easy chording at the top of the neck, and soaring bends at the bottom. Each guitar is built from Mahogany or Alder bodies – hand picked by Grover Jackson himself. The Reliced Maple neck offers smooth playability, and the highest quality hardware and electronics are compiled to deliver a robust Rock & Roll machine that begs to be played!

The Trans Red model is already in the showroom, and we are expecting its brothers in early August. So what are you waiting for? pop in to the Ormskirk store and explore Vintage-T – Assembled by Electric Guitar Royalty.

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