Announcing: Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive


The Sunset Dual OD provides six classic circuits – and effectively two pedals! – in the space of a single Strymon enclosure. With two channels, three circuits per side, it makes for a versatile pice of kit for any OD lover. Each side has been designed by Strymon to function perfectly well solo, or they can be routed to work together and create huge tones with their complimentary voicings.

Split between Channel A and B, the circuits are placed as follows:

A: Ge   –   Texas   –   Treble
B: 2 Stage   –   Hard   –   JFET

Channel A favours the softer and cleaner circuits. The Ge channel uses Germanium diodes to add light saturation, really fattening up singlecoils and adding a nice push to humbuckers. The Texas channel offers a familiar sparkle with a single soft-clipping stage, capable of working as a smooth overdrive, or adding a familiar mid-range bump. Channel A’s Boost is a Treble Booster, designed to cut lows as it’s driven – run into your looser amps and pedals to really tighten them up while adding saturation, or turn the tone down to let the bass back in, and use it as a nice and clean all-rounder.

Channel B pushes harder – now we’re getting into distortion territory! The 2-stage overdrive combines a soft clipping stage with a hard one, allowing for a wide range of possible tones and gain levels – from light clipping to full saturation. The Hard overdrive is a single stage of hard clipping, almost reaching fuzz territory. But lower the drive, and there are some nice, tame transparent tones to be found. On the boost for this side is a JFET channel – complimentary to the A-Channel’s Treble, the JFET will add bass and round of your tone – perfect for adding just that bit extra.

As you can perhaps see – Channel A is optimised for sparkle and middy overdrive, while Channel B pushes harder and thicker. So of course, why not use both? The routing on the rear of the panel allowes you to do just that – and however you want it.Use any of the six OD’s solo, or tun them together – A into B, B into A, or parallel.

And of course, as you can see, both Expression and Fav inputs are available, allowing you to recall a preset with a MiniSwitch – and the Expression input can be used not only as a volume, but as aa controller – set whatever knobs you like to be controlled by your feet, and go wild!

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