PRS Private Stock Suite1 Huge Collection + Dragons!

We have something amazing for you this week, PRS enthusiasts.

Not only are we dealing with the largest PRS Private Stock consignment we’ve ever seen, there are not only one, not two, but THREE Dragon guitars in the collection – A Dragon 2 from 1993, a Dragon Singlecut from 2002, and last but most certainly not least (or smallest!) a Double Neck Dragon from 2005.


With their inlays totalling over 1150 different pieces, these three certainly took PRS quite some time to piece together!
They all play absolutely immaculately – as expected of a Dragon – and are each in very good condition.

Designed to be any guitarists ultimate, do anything, play anywhere, instrument, the Dragons are hugely prized for their nigh-unbeatable craftsmanship, beyond the incredible artwork that lies inlaid into them.

These are the kind of guitars plenty of us enthusiasts have seen online – but never in the flesh – and we can’t describe the feeling of having three generations of them in the same room.

But that’s not ‘all’!

Alongside these immensely collectible items are the next best things from PRS – Private Stocks! A dirty dozen as well!

From subtle Purple Mists to golden Ambers and Tigers, and even two generations of Santana Signatures, creating a rainbow of colours – it’s like a guitarist’s dream sweet shop! Check out our selection on our Private Stock page here

DSC_0186DSC_0192        DSC_0180



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