NAMM 2017: Source Audio reveals the new Ventris Reverb Pedal

There aren’t many things better in a musicians life than when manufacturers of fantastic pedals listen to the requests of gigging players using their gear and tone enthusiasts who seek the ‘perfect tone’. It was this that motivated Source Audio to create this brand new pedal and add some incredible new features that are well worth your time checking out.

Take your first look at it here:

Source Audio Ventris Reverb Pedal

This compact unit houses twenty four distinctive effects including settings such as ‘Shimmer’, ‘Spring’, ‘Swell’, ‘Choir’ and ‘Pitch Shifting’ reverbs. The long list of effects includes some more unnatural sounds like the ‘Metal Box’ which emulates the sound of an amplifier blasting really loud in a steel walled storage container. Other odd assortments of effects like the ‘Shimmer’ (as mentioned previously) makes reverberations up in the higher octaves to create an atmospheric, almost angelic quality.

By far the most impressive feature of this pedal is the dual processors which essentially make this a two-in-one reverb pedal. No other pedal has this feature and this makes it really stand out from the crowd. The first twelve effects are stored on the pedal and the other twelve can be added and controlled using their Neuro mobile app.

Overall this is a fantastic piece of kit and one you should definitely check out.

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