JHS at NAMM 2017 announce 3 new pedals!

JHS have had a very busy year, not only producing two brand new pedals working with artists but one extra pedal in collaboration with Milkman amplifiers.

Check them out below:

jhs 3 pedals namm 2017


First up… The VCR.

The VCR is a brand new pedal made with Ryan Adams and PaxAM and fuses a Volume, Chorus and Reverb all into one. One of the best features of this pedal is the ability to customise each effect individually. This pedal has a true bypass master on/off which means that when you aren’t using it no effects linger in your effects chain.


Next up is the Calhoun V2. This is the second version of this pedal and is made in conjunction with the famous songwriter and musician Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This cool pedal has two distinct channels each of which can be controlled independently. The first is a drive switch that mimics a medium to high gain valve amp styled overdrive and the second channel is a fuzz with Volume, Fuzz, Bias and a Bright to Dark EQ.



Finally we have the collaboration between Milkman amps and JHS pedals. This resulted in the JHS Milkman Tape Delay Echo Pedal. This pedal is designed to compliment small amps with little wattage. This pedal is very simply laid out and has a slap back which controls the amount of Delay you have, the mix dial controls how much effect you have and whether it is dry or wet. The delay dial allows you to fine tune how many delays you get per cycle. Finally the EQ dial controls how bright or dark the repeated delay signal is.


With all of these effects you can lose hours diving into the capabilities of these ace new pedals, all thanks to JHS!

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