Top 5 Electro Harmonix Pedals to Revolutionize your sound!

Bored of your guitar tone?

If you want something completely different to revolutionise your pedalboard look no further.
Electro Harmonix are easily one of the most creative pedal companies out there. Whether you are after their legendary Fuzz tones or something out of this world they have a pedal for you available at an attractive price.

We have put together a list of our top selling Electro Harmonix pedals that are out of the norm and will change your tone completely.

5) Frequency Analyzer

Freq An













From Miles Davis to Deep Purple, Ring Modulators have been used on countless recordings. If you want your guitar to sound like a Dalek then this is the pedal for you. The Frequency Analyzer pedal adds moving harmonies to the note or chords being played. Unlike other Ring Modulators, the Frequency Analyzer has controllable high order filters that reduce cross distortions and enhance the variations. The course and fine control let the user set a single frequency that will then be both added and subtracted from the original note or chord. Blend control lets you mix the new notes with the original.

Hear it in action here…


4) MicroSynth














Whether you are after classic vintage leads tones or sub octave bass the MicroSynth does it all. Modelled on the classic early Moog synthesizer the Microsynth creates fat analog synth sounds heard on classic recordings by some of the finest musicians in the world. Compact ten-slider layout lets the sonically adventurous guitarist dial in a virtually limitless array of analog synthesizer sounds: from percussive stabs to backwards-sounding bowed effects.

Hear it in action here…


3) SuperEgo














If you are after creating massive ambient soundscapes the SuperEgo pedal from EHX is for you. Using oscillator type synth effects you are able to stack sounds and create infinite sustain. This pedal reinvents the sample and hold technique and has an effects loop so that you can add more creativity to the wet signal.

Hear the pedal in action here…


2) Pitchfork














Whether you want to detune, sound like a bass/twelve string, re-create the classic tone from Radiohead’s Iron Lung or riff out to some Rage Against the Machine the Pitchfork does it all (and more). Featuring 11 transpositional intervals to blend into your tone and a latch/momentary foot switch to enable sweep affects this  pedal is packed with features.

Rather than listing them all here, check out this video to see it in action…


1) B9/C9/Key9/Mel9














When it comes to tracking your guitar tone Electro Harmonix have the technology nailed. This allows them to turn your guitar tone into various different instruments without having to use any special pickups/guitar mods. Just simply plug and play into any of these pedals to revolutionise your guitar tone and playing.

We have worked with Tom Quayle recently to bring you in depth demo/reviews of each of these pedals so make sure you check them out below. Be warned, your keyboard player might be out of a job after viewing these videos 😉


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