TC Electronic Announce Mimiq Doubler Pedal

TC Electronic have announced the Mimiq Doubler Pedal, a pedal designed to mimic (see what they did there?) “the magic and uniqueness of actual studio-grade double tracking” in a live scenario.


What else do TC have to say?

“Mimiq Doubler couldn’t be further from the crude artificial double tracking devices of yesteryear. Mimiq is a new breed. It’s AUTHENTIC double tracking! When you’re double tracking in the studio, each take is different. There’ll be slight differences in your timing, your attack and your pitch. All of these random factors are what gives the final recording depth and that larger than life feel. Hence we’ve spent countless hours and consumed countless cups of coffee in order to create an innovative algorithm that perfectly captures all of these beautiful elusive nuances, letting you access the magic of the studio directly through your pedalboard.”

The Mimiq Doubler will be available soon on Sound Affects Premier.

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