Get the most from your Roland AIRA Modular Effects

Roland have just uploaded a series a videos showcasing their AIRA Modular Effects alongside other amazing Roland Synths & Drum Machines.

Looking for a bit of inspiration to create some new sounds? Check out the videos below….


Using distortion to effect a drum machine is a way to give your rhythm tracks punch and saturation. This video shows how the AIRA Effector TORCIDO Distortion is a perfect module or tabletop effect for the AIRA TR-8 Rhythm Performer, or any favourite drum machine in your collection.


The AIRA Effector SCOOPER Sampler and Scatter is a powerful effect module. In this video, different VT-3 layers are overdubbed to produce a vocal line that can be pitch-shifted, filtered, scattered and looped – all with easy to use controls. Use the SCOOPER to produce random sampler-like effects to any instrument you choose.


The AIRA Effector DEMORA is a high-resolution delay that can create a wide range of delay line effects like chorus, flanging, ping-pong delays and wide stereo echoes. Combing the DEMORA with the JX-03 gives the classic synthesizer sound some width and ambience for percussive plucks and washed-out pads – and everything in between!


A powerful effect to mangle and destruct your sound is via a bitcrusher/sample-rate reducer. The AIRA Effector BITRAZER is both with a dual-mode FILTER that can be manipulated via hands-on tweaking or control voltage. The BITRAZER takes on the 8-bit mono synthesizer of the A-01 CONTROLLER+GENERATOR in this video for sounds from crushed sizzles to formant lead lines.

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