‘Finish something’ with Novations products!

Whether you are just starting a project or currently bouncing ‘Untitled Track v10.1 LASTEST MIX’, creative types often struggle knowing when a project is finished and how to get there.

Novation are currently running a campaign entitled ‘Finish Something’ showcasing their products and how artists utilise them when completing a project.

Check out this video to see how artists are using Novation to get stuff done!


Now that you are inspired and ready to get down to work check out these in depth videos to see how artists are using Novation products to create and finish a project.

PART 1: Making Beats with Circuit, MiniNova & Bass Station





PART 2: Tracking out audio & MIDI stems to Ableton





PART 3: Using MIDI from Circuit to create additional textures





PART 4: Use Launchpad PRO drum racks to add variation





PART 5: Complete arrangement using Launchpad PRO





PART 6: Perform the arrangement





PART 7: Hands on mixing using Launch Control XL


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