Seymour Duncan Annouce The Catalina Chorus – A Lush Dynamic Chorus Guitar Pedal


Seymour Duncan are probably the biggest name in aftermarket pickups, but that certainly doesn’t show off the range of their expertise. Alongside being giants of the pickup world, they’ve also delved into creating guitars, amps and effects pedals over the years. Recently after revitalising their pedal range over the last year or so, a new pedal emerges!

10642259_800If you’re unfamiliar with Seymour Duncan pedals definitely check out the range, as they’re excellently built and sound great: Seymour Duncan Pedal Range

Their new offering is a chorus pedal, the Catalina Chorus. Apart from producing fantastical chorus sounds with a very versatile range with the option for some massive stereo routing, the pedal also features an Dynamic Expression feature. Essentially an envelope filter which responds to your input volume, allowing you to play the effect, which is pretty cool feature and I’ve only seen that on a couple of other chorus pedals. You’re able to decide whether playing loud or quietly accentuates the effect too which is nice. I can imagine using it in a ‘ducking’ fashion allowing the notes to breath in loud passage but then bringing the effect in as the notes decay; or going the full hog and bringing in swirly madness during the heat of battle. A nice touch, excuse the pun.

Check out what the guys at Seymour Duncan say about the pedal:

“The Seymour Duncan Catalina Chorus pedal can produce a dizzying array of tonalities from subtle, clean shimmer to lush, swirling effects and everything in between. But the real magic here is the Dynamic Expression feature, which allows you to control the amount of chorus effect in real time by varying the dynamics of your playing. In “Hard” mode, the chorus is more pronounced the more you dig in, and in “Soft” mode, the effect intensifies as you lay back and let chords ring out. Set the threshold to control where the chorus kicks in, or you can turn the feature off to use Catalina Chorus like a traditional chorus pedal.


Catalina Chorus also has a tone control to roll off high end and stereo outputs for lush stereo effects when using a dual amp rig. To round out the special features, the Threshold knob is lighted and changes colour to indicate whether the chorus effect is engaged when using the Dynamic Expression feature, as well as which expression mode is selected. Like all of Seymour Duncan pedals, the Catalina Chorus is designed and assembled at the Seymour Duncan’s Santa Barbara, CA factory by the same team responsible for their legendary pickups.


  • Delay: Sets time delay from 6 to 60 milliseconds
  • Tone: Sets cutoff of passive low pass filter from 0.5kHz to 6kHz
  • Depth: Sets the modulation of the delay time from off to 50%
  • Rate: Sets modulation rate from 0.33 – 10 cycles/second
  • Expression: Engages the envelope follower
  • Input Impedance: 1 Megohm
  • Output Impedance: 500 Ohms
  • Dry Gain: 0dB
  • Wet Gain: Off to +3dB above the dry signal”

Certainly feature packed and worth a look if you’re interested in all things warble.

~ Rich T


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