Top 10 Accessories for Guitarists

Planning to buy a gift for the guitarist/guitar in your life?
We have compiled a list of the top 10 must have accessories for guitarists to help give some retail inspiration. From Capos to Fridges, there is something here to suit all types of guitarists so lets get to the list…


1) G7th Performance Capo (£24.99)

Revolutionary mechanism!G7th

Labeled as ‘The best Capo you can buy’ the G7th Capo really does live up to its reputation. With its patented squeeze on, squeeze off action you can quickly move the capo around the headstock with confidence that you will stay in tune.

The G7th Capo comes in several colours and models!







2) Hercules GS414B Auto Grab Guitar Stand (£29.99)


1431697686-63791400The king of guitar stands

Not only does the Hercules GS414B fold into a compact size perfect for gigging, it is also universal and can be used with Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitars. The Auto Grab System will keep you pickup up and placing your guitar on the stand just for fun.

Want something even more compact? Take a look at the Auto Grab Hercules Wall Hangers.








3) Polytune Clip Polyphonic Clip-On Tuner (£35)



The state of the art Clip-on Tuner

A tuner like no other, the Polytune Clip combines state of the art TC Electronic Polytune technology and places it in a stylistic Clip-on package. Not only can you tune each of your strings to perfection using the ultra bright display, you can also strum your open strings and see which strings are out.

Are you a pedalboard kind of guitarist? Polytune also use this technology in their awesome Polytune pedals.








4) eBow Electronic Bow for Guitar (£87.50)



Innovative hand held synthesizer for your guitar

If you want to achieve epic bowed ambient sounds, the eBow is for you. Using direct string synthesis the eBow creates a single string feedback loop that will give your guitar infinite sustain rich in harmonics.

From Eleanor Rigby to Sigur Ros, you really need to hear this product in action to understand what it is capable of. We suggest visiting the eBow website for lots of examples and sound bytes.

No eBow would be complete without some good reverb. Running this accessory through one of the many reverb pedals available is a great way of creating lush, atmospheric soundscapes.







5) Mono M80 Guitar Sleeve (£99)



Minimalistic case designed for musicians on the move

With its quick top loading design, stylistic look, feel and build quality, the Mono M80 guitar sleeve is a perfect alternative to a hard case. Boasting 360 degree protection, headstock protection and a water resistant outer shell, your pride and joy will be safe and sound in this portable sleeve.

Available in different colours, Mono also do several alternatives with even more protection. 









6) Nomad – All in One Guitar Cleaner (£12.95)



Complete guitar maintenance in one bottle

Treat your guitar to a clean with some Music Nomad All in 1 guitar cleaner for an ultra slick, streak free, high shine look and feel. You can clean, polish and wax with this one bottle and it is even biodegradable environmentally friendly.

Music Nomad make tonnes of guitar care products that are worth a look to keep your axe of choice like new.








7) Schaller Strap Security Locks (£11.99)

Keep your strap in place with the original Schaller security lock1440147780-02124700

Are you having trouble keeping your favourite guitar strap in place? The last thing any musician wants is for their guitar to come off of its strap whilst playing onstage. Especially for those guys who like to spin it around their heads. The Schaller security locks are an upgrade for your guitar to ensure that your strap stays in place and is easy to install.

Available in several different colours, you will be able to find the perfect match for your axe.








8) Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Battery Powered Amplifier (£49.99)



The perfect take anywhere amp

Not playing enough because it takes 10mins to set up your pedalboard? If you want a plug and play amp that has a great tone and can be taken anywhere then the look no further. Boasting 2 channels, an ISF dial, tape delay and an audio IN the Blackstar Fly is a great accessory for any guitarist.

Want a stereo rig? You can buy an extension cabinet for £19.99 for double the fun!








9) Boss RC-1 Looper £79



The simplest and most user friendly looper around

Want a looper that just loops? Boss have you covered with their most recent looper pedal. The RC-1 boasts a whopping 12 minutes of recording time with infinite overdubs and has a stereo in and out for guitarists using stereo effects or even keyboard players.

Want more from your looper? Boss have several different models that will cover your needs.











10) Marshall Amplification Fridge (£399)


1418312843-82915000The ultimate accessory for your studio/man-cave

Based on the iconic Marshall JCM800 stack, the Marshall Fridge Freezer is a must for any musicians pad. Keep your beers cool and your ice frozen, this 112 litre fridge will certain turn heads.

Beer not included!









…and there it is.
Our top 10 guitar accessories in no particular order. I think you will agree that any guitarist would be more than happy to own some of these items.

Let us know which of these items you own / have on your wish list!

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