Boss unveil NEW RV-6 Compact Reverb Pedal

We’re very excited to talk about the brand new RV-6 reverb pedal from BOSS. We got our hands on one recently and got to check out the new modes, features and tones – and we were very impressed!

The RV-6 is a multi-function high quality reverb pedal, packing studio quality reverberation sounds into a compact pedal. Utilising MPD (multi-dimensional processing) technology the guys at BOSS have created new more expressive algorithms for their tried and tested Room, Hall, Plate, Spring and Modulation reverb sounds.

Most excitingly they’ve introduced not just one, but three new modes: Dynamic, Delay and Shimmer.

Dynamic mode is a ‘ducking reverb‘ where the dynamics of your signal affects the level of the effect. It responds excellently to your picking dynamics so that a softer touch allows a more prominent reverb to envelope your notes, whereas a harder attack will tell the effect to ‘get out the way’ lowering it’s volume. Really useful in a live setting too, allowing your to cut through on more aggressive parts, or sit back and wash in the ambience on softer parts.

Delay mode sports warm analog delay trails along with the lush reverbs. The tone control on the pedal allows you to adjust the amount of repeats, and the sound dialled in for the delay is very warm and of course brilliant sounding. BOSS obviously have many dedicated delay pedals to cater to your needs, but there’s something to be said about having another option to have delay blended in with’ your reverb – very thoughtful.

Shimmer mode will be the one a lot of people will get very excited about. Recently a very fashionable sound for the shoe-gazers or guys who like creating ambient soundscapes and textures. And oh how glorious does it sound! Using the tone control on the RV-6 you can dial in a soft bell-like upper octave into the very spacious reverb trails. Fantastic for ambient and layered textures. The sweep of the tone control gives you a wide variety of sounds too; from a huge, bellowing cathedral space to a very prominent ice crystal synth effect sweeping into the signal.

The compact pedal features the usual FET silent switching, rugged housing and battery compartment; but has the nice additional features being stereo signal options, and quite uniquely it also has an expression pedal input.

Being able to using an expression pedal to control the effect level is particularly unique feature in the ‘compact reverb pedal market’ (especially in this price range). You can use the BOSS EV-5 to control the mix in real time – great for swelling in the effect, especially in a live scenario.

The RV-6 is super swift and intuitive to use. The legendary expertise of the BOSS engineers has clearly been poured in, as behind-the-scenes there are a huge amount of parameters in each mode that have been fine tuned, so that even when adjusting the Time and Tone knobs many parameters are simultaneously being balanced inside to create the ideal voicing for every setting.

There’s also additional convenience in how you wire it up. The auto-swtiching jacks support mono, mono-to-stereo, and stereo-to-stereo operation, allowing you to hook it up into any array of pedal configuration. And by plugging into the B input only, the RV-6 recognises this and outputs 100% wet signal which is great for more complex setups using parallel signal chains and mixers.

The RV-6 is jam packed full of features, and most importantly the tones sound great. We were fortunate to get our hands on one of these earlier and got to try out each mode, alongside the expression feature. We ran it into the front of a Roland Blues Cube with the new Eric Johnson Tone Capsule engaged and it sounded amazing. Check our vid:

Thanks for reading, you can find an RV-6 listing on our website with all the specs and even more details.

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