Rockett Audio Archer Overdrive/Boost Review by Martin Miller

As you may have heard, we were lucky to have Martin Miller and Tom Quayle visit Sound Affects recently. During their time here they hosted a masterclass, did some one on one lessons and put on an excellent show. Whilst in our showroom we filmed the guys as they tried out some of our latest/most popular gear.

Here is a demo review of the Rockett Audio Archer Overdrive / Boost Pedal by Martin Miller
Martin chose a stunning PRS guitar from our store and played through a Port City Pearl Amplifier.


The Archer is a versatile overdrive/boost with amazing headroom that is designed to help you cut through the mix. Please experiment with settings and be careful with the output….this dude is loud!

3 Controls
Output – The volume control is very powerful and drives fairly hard relatively early. This allows you to hit the front end of an amp or pedal to get very aggressive or crystal clear.
Treble – The treble control is a very effective EQ that goes from dark to a very “Chimey”, bright tone. It’s great to create that midrange clarity.
Gain – The gain also acts as a mixer control between the clean boost and the gain. Turn the gain all the way down and your output becomes the volume for all clean boost. Start blending in the gain control and it will simultaneously reduce clean volume & introduce gain…somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot or mix of the two.


Available now @ Sound Affects Premier

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