Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone Analog Phaser Review w/ Tom Quayle

We were lucky to have Martin Miller and Tom Quayle visit Sound Affects recently. During their time here they hosted a masterclass, did some one on one lessons and put on an excellent show. Whilst in our showroom we filmed the guys as they tried out some of our latest/most popular gear.

Here is a demo review of the Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone Analog Phaser by Tom Quayle
Tom chose our Fano Alt de Facto JM6 guitar and played through a Port City Pearl Amplifier.



If you aren’t familiar with Chase Bliss Audio their unique pedal designs add unprecedented digital control to original and creative analog  circuits. Coupled with a vast array of parameters these pedals are very versatile and aimed at guitarists who want something truly different from their stompbox.

Their first product, The Warped Vinyl has been a huge success and guitarists all over have been trying to get their hands on one. Capable of ooey-gooey chorus/vibrato and nostalgic tones, we were very excited when we heard about Chase Bliss’ next release.

The Wombtone Phaser boats warm, thick, lush and atmospheric analog sounds in housing packed with parameters and endless capabilities.


Available now @ Sound Affects Premier

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