Blackstar release new Insider software update for free!

Do you own a Blackstar ID:Series or ID:Core amplifier? If so you will want to update your Insider software for free and get all of the new features.

Blackstar have released the latest FREE Insider Software update (v1.6.0) which is available now for ID:Series and ID:Core programmable amplifiers delivering more pro features.

The new Insider v1.6.0 update features:

  • Super Wide Stereo (now available on ID:260TVP live sound)
  • Record ID:Series & ID:Core to an iOS device using UBS and Apple Camera Connection Kit/Lighting to USB Camera Adapter
  • Super Wide Stereo On/Off user-controllable via Insider and MIDI (CC #70)
  • Record ID:Series & ID:Core over USB using an iOS device and an Apple Camera Connection Kit/Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  • Further recording improvements including an increased USB output level on all models, and a speaker mute option for ID:Core via Insider for use when recording or monitoring via USB
  • Various other updates, including Noise Gate control on ID:Core models via Insider

So if you own a ID:Series or ID:Core amplifier, update your software today!

Full details and download can be found here!


Insider Software Overview



















Control Your Amp

Control your ID:Core or ID:Series amp directly from the software. Also see changes made on the amp in real-time in the software

 Add Effects

Add in your effects via the Insider software. Use the controls to fine tune exactly how much of each effect you want.

Jam Along

Jam along to your favourite backing tracks using the built in audio section. Speed up or slow down thee tracks to practice.

Get in Tune

Finding your guitar out of tune? Then open up the in-built chromatic tuner and use this to get your guitar back in tune.


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