Guitar Tech Services | Fender Stratocaster Re-Fret

At Sound Affects Premier we have our very own Guitar Tech who offers a range of services.
Whether you want a re-string, full set-up or repair, simply bring your guitar instore or give us a call on 01695 570023.

This week our tech has received a Fender Stratocaster with worn frets and fingerboard. In need of re-fretting and restoration, here is an insight into process.


Step 1
The neck has been removed and clamped in place. Let the fun begin!

Step 1 - Neck Clamped in Place










Step 2
Fret wire is heated to soften glues and aid removal.
Step 2 - Heating Fret Wire










Step 3
Fret wire is carefully removed to avoid damaging the surrounding rosewood.
Step 3 - Fret Removal










Step 4
It takes time but there are no cutting corners whilst removing the fret wire.
Step 4 - Fret Wire Removal









A closer look at the fretboard with the fret wire removed.
Step 5 - Fret Wire Removed










Step 5
All 22 frets removed. Neck is now ready for restoration.
Step 6 - Fret Wire Removed










Step 6
As the neck has some fingerboard wear it was restored using a radius block and 400 grit until the central areas are uniform (9.5 inch radius).
Each fret slot was then cleaned out with a scalpel and run through with a fretting saw. The top cut was also bevelled ever so slightly with a triangular file. This prevents any loose rosewood chips being drawn into the fret slot when pressing them in.
Step 7 - Fingerboard Wear










Step 7
The neck is sat in a cork lined neck caul and re-fretted using a pillar drill.
Step 8 - Re-Fretting










Step 9 - Re-Fretting











Step 8
Each fret was also glued to prevent lifting.
All frets are now embedded!
Step 10 - Frets Bedded










Step 9
Flush cut ground nippers are then used to cut of the excess fret wire before filing.
Re-Fret II










Re-Fret III










Re-Fret I


  • Ian

    Nice job.

    • Thanks Ian, we will be uploading more Guitar Tech blogs in the future so watch this space!

  • Matt

    How much for a complete regret? I notice you removed the nut how did you manage to do so without damaging it..

    • Hi Matt,
      Re-Fret prices range depending on the parts used. For more info please call our shop on 01695 570023 and they will be able to talk you through it and give you a quote.