10 Awesome & Unusual Guitar Shaped Things

Whilst keeping our Facebook page updated with awesome content we often come across weird and wonderful guitar related items that we just have to share. Here is a collection of some awesome guitar shaped items from around the world.


1) Guitar Boat

Guitar Shaped Boat

Australian singer songwriter Josh Pyke had a Guitar boat created to the specifications of his own guitar for his 2008 music video ‘Make You Happy’. The behind the scenes video below reveals all.





2) Guitar Toilet Seat

Guitar Shaped Toilet Seat

Kentucky company Jammin’ Johns are bringing ‘Music to your rear’ with their awesome guitar shaped toilet seats. Available in acoustic and electric versions, Jammin’ Johns boasts a client list including Steven Spielberg and Willie Nelson.







3) Guitar Deck

Guitar Shaped Deck

An ‘ordinary couple’ in Illinois have built something extraordinary. The Guitar shaped deck is a first of its kind and includes lighting pegs powered by solar powered tuners. You can even follow the landmark on Facebook!







4) Guitar House

Guitar Shaped HouseJust off the road in Fayetteville Georgia is a massive house in the shape of a guitar. Constructed by Elvis Carden over a period of 16 years, this piece of real estate can be yours for just $160,000 (includes re-string and setup)
Take a look at the house on Google Maps.








5) Guitar Coffin

Guitar Shaped CoffinLifelong rocker and former Ramrods guitarist John Graham was laid to rest in a 12ft long Fender Stratocaster replica back in 2012. Full story here.








6) Guitar Landscaping

Guitar Shaped GroundsIt was as though the designer anticipated the rise of Google Maps prior to creating the grounds to this mansion in Alabama. On the ground you might not notice the clever landscaping, but from a birds eye view you can’t help but notice the guitar shaped theme. Have a better look on Google Maps.






7) Guitar Forest

Guitar Shaped ForestA chap in Argentina has designed and planted an awe inspiring guitar shaped forest to honour his late wife. Stretching 2/3 of a mile with over 7,000 trees this truly is extraordinary. Take a look on Google Maps.







8) Guitar Car

Guitar Shaped CarIn 2004 a 1968 Ford Station Wagon was transformed into THE guitar car. The guitar shape was hand fabricated from 18 gauge steel sheets and angle iron. More info on the build can be found on the GuitarCar website.







9) Guitar Bookshelf

Guitar Shaped BookshelfWe have come across a lot of guitar shaped furniture for you to display in your guitar-centered world but this definitely beats them all. Not only does this store your favourite guitar related books, but it nearly transforms your whole room into a guitar. What could be better than that?











10) Guitar Urinal

Guitar Shaped Urinal…and you thought Guitar Hero was popular. Not only does this guitar shaped urinal allow you to perform some awesome licks. It also records your MPEE3 and uploads it to the Guitar Pee App for you to listen back to. Check out the video to see it in action.






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