Roland announce CUBE 10GX Guitar Amplifier

Roland are pleased to announce a new addition to their popular CUBE range. The CUBE 10GX boasts portability whilst still including the awesome features you have come to expect in a CUBE amplifier. Weighing in at just 4.7KG this amp is a perfect travel companion and with Andriod/iOS connectivity you can unlock even more tone.

Have a listen:

Learning guitar is easier with the new CUBE-10GX practice amp

You never forget your first amp. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons. After all, there’s nothing worse than firing your life-savings at a fast-talking eBay seller – then ripping open the box to find you’ve been sold a pup that’s too big/small/puny/noisy/awful (delete as applicable). If an amp doesn’t tick your boxes, it’s on a one-way ticket to the attic.

When you do make that life-changing pilgrimage to the local music emporium, make a point to check out the new Roland CUBE-10GX. Here are six reasons why this punchy, tone-packed combo could be your perfect first step on the road to Wembley.





1. Sound like all your favourite guitarists – with one amp

When it comes to tone, us guitarists have split personalities. Some days, we want to be Alex Turner. Others, we want to be Angus Young. Playing an amp that ties you to one tone isn’t just boring: it might also stop you developing your signature sound, dissuade you from trying different styles and limit the bands you can join. The Roland CUBE-10GX removes the handcuffs. Out of the box, you can shape your sound using the no-nonsense EQ (Bass/Treble/Middle), and switch the vibe from mellow to mental by selecting from three amp types (Clean, Crunch or Lead). These settings are powered by Roland COSM modelling technology that recreates the tone of classic gear – so it’s like having three amps in one.

2. Unlock even more tones via your Android/iOS device

Let’s say you’re the experimental type, and the onboard tones are no longer scratching your sonic itch. With most amps, you’d be stuck. With the Roland CUBE-10GX, you’re just getting started. Using your iOS or Android device, you can swap out the three factory-standard amp models and fill the slots with further amps offered by the free CUBE KIT app. CUBE KIT has ten amp sounds up for grabs, and they cover all the bases, from vintage valve-driven classics to modern metal beasts. You can even swap in amp models to support you when you’re playing electro-acoustic and bass.

3. But surely I need pedals too!?!?!

Chances are, by the time you’ve bought a guitar and amp, your budget will be too blown for some decent effects pedals. Bummer, right? Not with the Roland CUBE-10GX, which gives budding Matt Bellamys the key FX they need, all onboard and ready to rock. A single intuitive dial lets you select between three essential effects – Chorus, Delay and Reverb – with a further choice between plate and retro-style spring reverb.

4. It’s light and tough enough to travel

When you’re bombing between music lessons, jams and bedroom practice, it’s a pain to be lumbered with an amp that’s cumbersome or fragile. The Roland CUBE-10GX might be built like a tank, with ultra-rigid cabinetry and heavy-duty corner protectors, but this combo doesn’t feel like you’re carrying one, with tight dimensions and a 4.7KG weight that makes roadies surplus to requirements (given that, the Roland CUBE-10GX is also a great choice for established guitar gods who want a compact amp for backstage). As your career takes off, be sure to check out the rest of the Roland CUBE range, from the battery-powered and busker-friendly Roland CUBE Street EX to the pro-level powerhouse CUBE-80GX.

5. Ultra-versatile: perfect for practice, rehearsal and recording

Respect to the wardrobe-sized amp stacks of the ’70s, but they’re not exactly practical for up-and-coming axemen. The Roland CUBE-10GX has your back in every scenario. When you’re jamming with mates, you can crank the punchy 10-watt power output full up and be sure the custom-designed 8-inch speaker will cope (unlike other first amps, which shake like your mum’s washing machine over half-volume). At the other extreme, when you’re practising at midnight, there’s a headphone jack to mute the speaker and keep the neighbours sweet. And when you’ve got a riff that’s crying out to be captured, the Rec Out socket is a simple way to track to your favourite recording devices and software.

6. Connect to your music player and jam with your favourite tunes

The fastest way to improve is to play alongside other musicians – but that ain’t always easy when you’re still scouting for bandmates. With the Roland CUBE-10GX, you don’t need a flesh-and-blood band to enjoy the benefits of musical interaction. Check out the back panel and you’ll find the Aux In: a simple socket that lets you hook the Roland CUBE-10GX up to an external music player or smartphone, play your favourite tunes back through the loudspeaker – and add your own guitar parts over the top. Who needs bandmates when you can have Metallica as your backing group…?

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