Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Review

Boss have been making effects pedals for over thirty years and if any company out there knows a great pedal when they make one, it’s these guys. There are so many classic pedals to come out the Boss stable such as the iconic DS-1 distortion, the pedal that literally spawned hundreds of clone’s and this classic design has stood the test of time, then you have other great’s such as the CE-1 Chorus, the MT-2 Metal Zone and the most used delay pedal ever made, the DD-2 which spawned more generations of delay’s. Given this heritage and the huge catalogue the boffins within the walls of the Boss pedal factory were tasked with creating something special to celebrate the 100th Boss pedal. The Te-2 Tera Echo is the result of this challenge and is a superb and unique pedal worthy of the billing.

The TE-2 Tera Echo utilises Boss’ innovative MDP circuitry (Multi Dimensional Processing) to create a genuinely different sounding effect. The delay’s repeats respond in a way that is more than just simple repeats as with any other delay pedal, which is why Boss have been marketing this as an ambient pedal and this really is superb for creating a bed of sonic gorgeousness that will inspire an guitarist, just playing simple chords is magically transformed into an experience. The voodoo to this pedal is based around how the signal is processed, more than just a one dimensional response, the TE-2 process tone and picking dynamics, dealing with both of these facets of tone gives the fresh appeal of the pedal. This pedal sounds amazing in mono and even more incredible when played in stereo, you should do your ears a favour and try one of these pedals, it’s like nothing you’ll have played before.

The TE-2 Tera Echo also features a ‘freeze’ function which is activated by keeping hold of the pedal after playing the note or chord that you want to keep rolling, as you then play over the top, the freeze holds the first notes it heard so you don’t end up with a wall of delayed noise from successive notes. If you are a fan of Sigur Rós, Mogwai, Talk Talk and Massive Attack then tis pedal will give you a unique approach to wispy ambience.



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