Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl Review

Sometimes you will pick a pedal up and think, this looks really interesting, not the design of it but the controls available, and as far a chorus pedals go the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl is as feature packed as you’re likely to see. The fact that this is an analogue pedal but with digital controls will appeal to pretty much every guitarist. The front and back panel have got so much going on that it will cover every option you would ever need including expression control. The Warped Vinyl is badged as a vibrato/chorus pedal but I would also add tremolo to this list to given what you can achieve on the vibrato side.

What is immediately obvious is that, for a boutique pedal, the casing is very sturdy and is very tidily put together with clear markings and the modushape controls (shape of the modulation) even have the wave diagram to make it easier to understand. The primary controls of the Warped Vinyl are obvious to anyone who has already operated a chorus pedal with mix, volume, depth and RPM (rate) being the key elements though with the Warped Vinyl you also get ramp control,shaping control and tap subdivision too but don’t be put off by the controls It can be daunting when you bring home a new piece of equipment and it blows your mind on the first day, we’ve all been there but if you sit down with the pedal after opening the box, the controls just make perfect sense. On the back (base) of the pedal you have expression control which is another first for an analogue pedal but thanks to it’s digital control you can do things like this.

Sonically it can be as subtle or as full on as you desire and interestingly as I’m not normally a fan of chorus pedals I was expecting to play this for a few minutes and put it down but no, it’s really musical and has a character that is really unique. It’s kind of the middle ground between the gooey delay based delays such as the Boss CE-3 and the micro pitch based chorus pedals like the Boss Dimension C. If you find that you have never got on with chorus pedals but would really like something to dress up your clean sound this is the pedal for you. The control of the waveform is very simple and after using it for a few minutes you will ponder as to why it has taken this long for someone to include this on a pedal.

The effect chosen (chorus or vibrato) is selected via a three way switch in between the tap and bypass switches.

The tap tempo feature of the pedal, is controlled by either the on-board switch or you can use the remote tap control input on the left hand side of the unit.  The right hand control jack is for an expression pedal that, as mentioned earlier, is defined by using the micro switches that are on the base of the pedal.

The Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl is boutique pedal building of the highest order, sonically superior, solidly made, well packaged (lovely wooden box) and unique.

The Dave

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